Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Le Petit Corsaire Danseurs! by Lisa Kettell

These are small ballet dancers that are made from cat toys, which I up-cycled from my cat's toy collection, and have given them a new look!

The inspiration for this project actually came from a project I made for my art book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Feb. 2009. The original project was made from recycled rubber toy animals, which were similar to circus/carnival toys that you might have won at the circus or amusement park, using your tokens or tickets to redeem them.

To update this project, show variation and recycle at the same time I tried the cat toys I had from my cats toy box, these were less played with and in great condition, so I decided to transform them as I had done with the carnival toys in my book.

For the "Le Petit Corsaire Danseurs" I used a stuffed mouse toy as the base, then embellished them with layers of crepe paper, sequins, trims, mini tree ornaments, tiny pearl strands, white floral wire, recycled Christmas tree light bulbs for the crowns, and either faux snow flakes or a variety of glitters, from art glitter.

Then I had to name them, their names are: Muffy, Matilda, Miranda and Millie!

Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (for fine glitter)
Art Glitter: Designer Dries White Adhesive (for faux snow)
Art Glitter: Faux Snow
Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Glitter #111 Victoria
Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Glitter # 245 Night Lights
4 mouse style cat toys
Crepe Paper Streamers: Pink, Cream, Lime Green, Pumpkin
White floral wire
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Sticks
Quilting needle or sewing needle
Glue Stick
Other: Exacto knife, Paint Brush, Small Cup, Ribbons, Trims, Tinsel Chenille Stem, Sequins, Pearls, embellishments

1. Pierce four thin holes into the sides of the mouse cat toy using a quilting needle.
2. Cut four pieces of floral wire 2 inches long, insert each end into hot glue, then insert each piece of floral wire into the pierced holes of the mouse cat toy.
3. Cut 6 pieces of crepe paper streamer 12 inches long from each color, then accordion fold (paper pleat) each piece, once folded hot glue around waist of each toy, use all 6 pieces of cut and folded crepe paper, this will make for a fuller tutu.

4. Decorate your toys with trims, ribbons, sequins, tiny pearl strands and other embellishments.
5. For crown use an old bulb from lighted tree garland or cut cardstock covered in glitter.
6. Coat each crepe paper tutu with glitter or faux snow. For the crème crepe paper tutu I applied designer dries white adhesive to it and coat with faux snow flakes, let dry, for the green and pumpkin crepe paper tutu apply designer dries clear adhesive then coat with Ultra fine Opaque Glitter # 245 Night Lights and finally for the pink crepe paper tutu apply designer dries clear adhesive then coat with Ultra fine Opaque Glitter # 111 Victoria.

I experimented with various glitter colors against different color backgrounds, which gave me fun and unique effects.

-This project could be done using tiny stuffed bears or animals, plastic animals, felt animals, clay animals, wood animals, pet toys or what ever you have calling for a tutu or crown.
-Replace faux snow w/glass glitter shards
-Coat entire doll w/glitter, instead of adding a tutu, for an even more enchanting effect.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Glitzy Pendant and Broach by Violette Clark

I often like to create art to give to my girlfriends as little tokens of friendship! My friends look forward to receiving these tiny treasures. This pendant and broach can also be made into ornaments to hang on a tree or you can attach magnets to the backs to adorn your fridge. The larger laminate samples are the perfect size to use as a luggage tag. Simply personalize the other side with your name and address and coat it with Diamond glaze.

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Sticky strips
Ultrafine Opaque glitter #263 Bright Gold
Microfine Transparent glitter #740 Raspberry
Microfine Transparent glitter #710 Iris

laminate samples
thin piece of wood
collage images or use your own images miniaturized
doily, fragment of book page, decorative paper
Text – handwritten or computer generated
black acrylic paint
sequins, gems
broach back
copper wire
Diamond Glaze
Strong glue

Paint laminate sample and wood substrate black (front and back) with acrylics.
I used my own images of faces and illustration of Ganesh (shrunk down) however you can use collage images for this project.

Broach – collage fragments of book pages, torn doily, painted paper, text and tiny heart onto wood substrate using designer dries clear adhesive. Collage face on top. Adhere gem with Diamond glaze. Apply a coat of diamond glaze to broach. When it's completely dry add a strip of Sticky Strips to bottom of broach, peel off pink strip. Sprinkle Raspberry Transparent Microfine glitter over strip. Pour excess back into container. Apply a bead of Designer Dries Clear adhesive around the face and then pour Bright Gold Ultrafine Opaque glitter over it. Adhere a broach back with strong glue when piece is completely dry.

Pendant – collage book fragments, decorative paper, text and doily fragment onto laminate sample using Designer Dries Clear adhesive. Collage image on top (I used Ganesh). Glue sequins and stars down as well. Coat entire piece of Diamond Glaze. Run a bead of Designer Dries Clear adhesive around the edge of the laminate sample. Sprinkle Iris Transparent Microfine glitter on top. Let piece dry. Run a piece of copper wire (about 8 inches long) through hole in laminate sample. Make a loop and twist wire around the loop. Thread on a few beads. Make another loop in the same way and thread on a chord. If you like you can add a ribbon – tie it in a bow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Distressed, Leafed Candle by Nancy Ward

Here's a beautiful distressed candle sent in from Nancy. Great for Christmas or any day!

Art Glitter™ Gold Metal Leaf sheets
Pillar candle, brown
Sulky® KK 2000™ Spray Adhesive
Clearsnap® Ancient Page®, Chocolate
Acrylic brush: scrubber, #12
Wax paper
Cooking parchment paper
Alcohol swab or rubbing alcohol and cotton ball
Cover from box (at least 6 x 6”)
Small plastic bag
Small piece of cloth

Optional: Art Glitter™ Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive
Art Glitter™ Elements™ Earth Textures, Morocco

Aleene’s ® Spray Acrylic Sealer, Glossy Luster
4 x 4 chipboard coaster

1. Wipe off all areas of the candle with the alcohol swab; allow to dry. Line the box top with a piece of cooking parchment paper.
2. Spray an even coating of KK 2000™ adhesive over the sides of the candle. Place the candle on the parchment paper in the box cover. Pick up one sheet of the leaf and place it on the adhesive; continue placing sheets over the adhesive until all areas of the candle are covered with leaf. Do not be concerned if some areas have two or more layers of leaf.
3. With the candle still in the box cover, brush over all areas of leaf with the scrubber brush. Excess leaf will fall onto the parchment paper.
4. Remove the candle from the box. Place leaf on the parchment paper into a plastic bag for future use.
5. Ink the tip of the brush with the Ancient Page® Chocolate. Tap and drag the inked brush over the leaf; in some areas, use enough pressure to remove the leaf from the candle. Lightly pat the ink pad over areas of the candle to increase the distressed appearance; remove excess ink with a soft cloth.
6. Using a folded piece of wax paper, rub briskly over the leaf to burnish the leaf to the adhesive.

NOTE: The leaf will tarnish over time; spraying acrylic sealer over the leaf to prevent it from tarnishing is optional.

1. Place the candle in the center of the coaster and trace around the base of the candle. Remove the candle.
2. Spread a thick coat of Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive on the coaster up to the line traced around the base of the candle; sprinkle a heavy layer of Elements™ Earth Textures Morocco over the adhesive.
3. Spread a thin coat of Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive on the coaster in the area within the traced line; sprinkle a light layer of Elements™ Earth Textures over the adhesive.
4. Allow the adhesive to dry over night. Gently tap the side of the coaster over parchment paper to remove excess Elements™ Earth Textures; return excess Textures to the jar.
5. Spray the coaster with a thin, even coat of acrylic sealer; allow to dry.

Nancy Ward

Monday, September 14, 2009

AUTUMN IN A JAR by Jan Hennings

Make Autumn in a jar by rolling select potpourri pieces in Copper Canyon Ultrafine Opaque Glitter or any opaque color that goes well with your potpourri.

Use a Designer Dries Clear Adhesive/water mixture and roll the piece in the solution. Sprinkle glitter over the entire surface. Let dry and gently place in a jar.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Graffiti Inspired Glittery I-pod Case By Violette Clark

I often like to create my own purses and accessories so when I recently received an i-touch (like an i-pod) for my birthday I thought I would create a glittery case to house it in. Why not make matching accessories? With this graffiti fabric painting recipe you can make a few at a time, one for you and several to give away as gifts. Which glitzy gal wouldn't adore to own this sparkly pouch? This same idea could be used to create a case for glasses as well.


Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (DDC)
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque #299 Celery
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque #70 Moondust
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque #263 Bright Gold
Cotton muslin
Assorted colors of folk art paint
Gesso or latex paint (I used pink)
Sewing machine, thread
Bull clip
Discarded credit card
Wooden skewer

1. Cut a piece of cloth approximately 12” x 12”. Basecoat it with gesso (I use latex paint).
2. Squirt paint on randomly (use 2 or 3 colors) and using a discarded credit card scrape it in a random fashion covering as much of the fabric as you like.
3. With a wooded skewer splatter and drizzle thinned down white gesso on your piece of scrap painted fabric. Let dry naturally or blow dry painted fabric.

4. Cut 3 pieces of fabric – 5 ¼ ” x 3 ¾ (front of case), 7” x 3 ¾”(back) and one long piece 12' x 2”(for pleated ruffle). Adjust the size of your fabric according to the size of your i-pod.
5. With your sewing machine zigzag stitch around the top of the pouch pieces. Put wrong sides together and zigzag down the sides and bottom.
6. Paper pleat the 12” x 2” piece and add a drop of DDC adhesive in each fold – you are pleating the long strip. Use a bull clip to hold the fanned piece until it dries. Remove clip and form a circle with your fan and glue. You might have to clip it together until it dries.

7. Run a thin bead of adhesive along the edge of your circular fan. Dip edges into glitter, which has been mixed (the celery and moondust). I poured out the glitter onto a piece of cardstock and dipped the edges of the pleated circle embellishment into it coating evenly.
8. Set aside and then cut a star, heart or any other simple shape from your painted fabric scrap. Coat with DDC adhesive and then coat with bright gold ultrafine opaque glitter.

9. When your embellishments are completely dry then you can adhere the star to the circular pleat and then the entire embellishment to the case using DDC adhesive. I didn't add Velcro to the flap however you could if you liked.

Note: Make sure to tap off all of the excess glitter.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Little House Treat Box by Jan Hennings

I loved the colorbok house template and wanted to make a treat box that was a little different from the typical square shape. The Art Glitter really did the trick and dressed the little house up for Autumn.

Colorbok House Template
UltraFine Metal Tip (Art Glitter)
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (Art Glitter)
Sticky Strips (Art Glitter)
UltraFine Opaque Glitter: #62 Copper Canyon (Art Glitter)
Raffia (Wraphia)
Grand Adhesions (K & Co.) Art Glitter was added to the Grand Adhesions
Acrylic Paint (Folk Art, Pomme Douce)
Cardstock (Worldwin)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Midsummer Nights Silhouette Crown by Lisa Kettell

Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Glitter #71 White Gold
Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Glitter#60 Sahara Opaque

Art Glitter: Vintage Fine Glass Glitter #611 Antique Silver
Art Glitter, #612 Golden Glow
Silhouette Image (sized to 8 inch by 10 inch)
Poster board or sturdy card stock
Vellum Paper
Crepe Paper Streamers: Grey and Cream
Dresden Trim
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Sticks
Glue Stick
Other: Xacto knife, Paint Brush, Small Cup, Ribbons, Trims, Tinsel Chenille Stem, Sequins, Pearls, embellishments

1. Cut out Silhouette image and glue to poster board using glue stick. Cut out the silhouette outline using scissors. Try using an xacto knife to cut out the more intricate details.
2. Where there is an opening in the silhouette attach vellum paper to it on the reverse side of the crown (the behind the front) using a glue stick.
3. Paper pleat gray crepe paper and hot glue to bottom of the crown, layer with Dresden and trims, ribbons, sequins, and other embellishments.
4. Next paper pleat the cream crepe paper, then arch it and hot glue to top center of the silhouette or to the top of any silhouette that you use.
5. Embellish the crown with tinsel chenille stems, more Dresden, pearls, and embellishments of choice.

6. In a small cup sprinkle some #611 antique silver and #612 golden glow glitter, mix with end of paintbrush or craft stick, set aside. Now coat the un-embellished part of the silhouette with designer dries clear adhesive, one section at a time, coat with the glitter mix, repeat until crown is covered, let dry, shake off excess.
7. In another small cup sprinkle some #71 white gold and #60 Sahara opaque glitter, mix with end of paintbrush or craft stick, set aside. With designer dries clear adhesive, draw a border around the crown, sprinkle with this mix, let dry and shake off the excess.
8. Hot glue 4 strands of ribbon to corners of crown (2 strands at each corner), now you are ready to wear your crown and become a Midsummer Queen.

-Save excess glitter or glitter mixes in a glass salt-shaker for easy re-use.
-Try different color glitters.
-Create glitter covered silhouette paper dolls for hanging off your favorite spot.