Friday, January 29, 2010

Heart Boxes to Die For! by Debrey Taylor

Inexpensive heart boxes decorated to the hilt! They almost look velvety and although fabric is used, where there is none it looks like fabric!

Chipboard Heart Box (found at Target or Wal-Mart)
Ultrafine Opaque Art Glitter
Ultrafine Transparent Art Glitter
Art Glitter Glass Beads: Large and Small
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Metal Tip attached
Sticky Paper
Polyester Lace Swatch
Fabric Scraps
Paper Scraps
Gold Paint
Paint Brush
Heart Stencil

Paint whole box including lid, inside and out, while drying make some glitter lace paper. Directions for glitter lace paper here.
Cut out a liner for the inside of the lid and the bottom inside of the box out of paper scraps and/or fabric. Glue in place.
Draw heart shape with template onto back of glitter lace paper, cut out. Glue to top of lid. Rip small pieces of scrap paper and glitter lace paper to decorate sides of box. Glue down; make sure to leave open areas for your gold paint to show through.
Leave glitter and beads off the area that the lid fits over. Embellish the rest with glitter and beads as desired!

The swirls really look luscious!

This one is filled with Pee Wee vials, so cute!

More for you to enjoy with stamped Fantasy Film bugs. Directions here.

These have glass glitter on them too!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine Kisses by Brenda Wampler

These are very similar to the project that I presented in December. Apply a rub-on to a microscope slide. Cover rub-on with another glass slide. Use continuous glue line around the edges, or a double stick tape. You can also just use a glue that will adhere to glass around the edges. Dip the edges into the shards. Pressing and working the shards into the glue or glue lines or tape, which ever you chose to use. If using glue, once you have applied the shards, set aside to dry. I used the Vintage Glass Glitter Shards Carnelian #906 for these. After dry, you can wrap wire and hang these, or use ribbons on each edge to hang or attach to a card. I love to just put several of these on a small white place and admire the shine and the transparency of the pieces. Now, go make something awesome!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Glitter Show and Tell!

Welcome to our 'SteamPunk' booth #2773 at CHA. This is a wholesale show and many of you won't be able to visit us, so we wanted to share our booth virtually with you. Please click on the photos to see a close up of the wonderful work created by our in-house designers, Debrey Taylor, Nancy Woods and of course Barbara Trombley!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Glittered Fairy Bookmark by Shelly Hein-Simmons

For book lovers or fairy lovers, these bookmarks are fun and easy to create and the design possibilities are endless!


Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque #79 Black
Thin cardboard to use as bookmark base (I used packaging from a shirt)
Patterned Paper (I have used Harlee-Quinnz Designs Butterfly Garden)
Fairy stamp (or other image of your choice – I used Harlee-Quinnz Designs Butterfly Garden Stamps)
Black Pigment Ink
Spray Adhesive
Bottle of Clear Drying Adhesive
Clear Acrylic Spray Sealant
The tassel can be any combination of fibers, ribbons, buttons, charms, etc.


Cut a 7 ½” X 2 ¼” rectangle from cardboard, and 2 from the patterned paper. Round corners with a corner rounder punch. Glue patterned paper to both sides of cardboard rectangle, punch hole in center top.

Stamp your image in center of your bookmark using the black pigment ink. Cut an oval from scrap paper, just large enough to cover your stamped image. Lay this oval “mask” over the top of your stamped image and spray around edges of your oval mask with a spray adhesive, or use a brush to spread glue around edges. Remove mask, sprinkle on glitter and tap off excess.

After thoroughly dry, I sprayed a sealer over the whole bookmark.

For the tassel on my bookmark, I used a combination of Harlee-Quinnz Designs fibers, tiny bells, beads and shrinky-dink charms that I created by stamping fairy images on the shrinky-dink material before baking.

Optional: Add a fun or inspiration quote to your bookmark. I used the computer to print my quote onto cardstock, cut into strips and then attached to the bookmark.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Love Potion by Brenda Wampler

Start with a small glass vile. Fill with Vintage Glass Glitter Shards #906-Carnelian. Glue red gem stone to top of the vile to seal it shut. Wrap top of the bottle with red wire and attach a charm of your choice. Type “Love Potion” and glue to outside of bottle. Simple easy, and done! Use as a charm or embellishment.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drawing with Glitter part 2 by Anam Stubbington

The same principle is used for all these projects – drawing with the adhesive is such a versatile way of adding your own flair to projects.

Art Glitter Designer Adhesive with Metal Tip
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter
Art Glitter Clear Transparencies
Card blank (cover embossed with Cuttlebug folder)

Same as the other cards – trace your image onto the transparency with glue.

Trace it in stages to add your colours to the image.

When completely dry, cut out your image.

Note: The sun is made with Art Glitter Fibers.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Drawing With Glitter by Anam Stubbington

The same principle is used for all these projects – drawing with the adhesive is such a versatile way of adding your own flair to projects.

Art Glitter Designer Adhesive with Metal Tip
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter & Gala Glitz
Art Glitter Clear Transparencies
Metallic paper & white paper (the space for writing a message in on the reverse of the card)

1. Create a card with your transparency. I make all my cards 4.25 x 5.5
2. Freehand draw your word or image on the front of the card.

3. Add your glitter, tap off excess and allow to dry. Note on the rock one I added different glitter to different parts of the image for a blended look.

(GlitterEmm's note: notice how Anam uses a creased piece of paper under her work -- this is a perfect method for catching the excess glitter and sliding it back into a pee wee vial.)

4. When dry, decorate as desired.