Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creative Gift Wrapping Idea

I am so excited to share this project today. It is a way to wrap a gift! Now that Thanksgiving is over and we can move on to gifting Holidays. I love the look of craft paper, and I wanted to do some glitter on it, so I created a reusable wrapping paper that if you are in love with, you can use over and over again!

Supply List:

Art Glitter 
#130 Eclipse Ultrafine Opaque Hologram
#256 Purple Passion Ultrafine Opaque
#329 Egyptian Blue Ultrafine Opaque Hologram
Very Black Permanent Stamp Pad
Fastener Tabs
Dual Brush Pens (Groovy)
Multi Mono Liquid Glue (Pen & Broad Tips)
Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive
Timeless Twine
Imaginisce Stamp
Paper Grocery Bag
White Paper

I started by taking an empty box and a paper bag I got at the grocery store.

 I cut open the bag and laid it across the floor.

I then began to wrap the box. Instead of using tape, I used Tombow Fastener Tabs. These tabs were great for wrapping. You can reuse the paper over and over if need be!

It even hides all the tap so you can't see it!
Then I spread the Mono Liquid Glue onto a piece of white paper. I sprinkled the glitter onto sections of the glue. I then cut out the letters I wanted to use on the packaging.

I also wanted to make a cute tag to put on the gift to say who it was from. So I stamped an image using Art Glitter's permanent ink. I colored in the image with Tombow Dual brush pens.

I then added some glitter to the image and attached with the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive to some leftover paper bag. 

I wrapped the package with some twine that I attached the image to.

A perfect little package was made that I could use over and over again.

For another fun Art Glitter project be sure to stop by my blog, one.heart.scrapper. Have a wonderful glitterful day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mystery Glitter Color Game

Think you know your Art Glitter colors? Feel like you've spent hours browsing through our colors? All 700 of them? Here's your chance to put all that hard work to good use! Identify this color to win!

Not sure what this color is? Just look through our glitter pages, you will find a color that looks exactly like this one. When you are ready fill out our form HERE  you may win a $25 Art Glitter Gift Certificate!

If you don't win come back and play again when the next mystery color is posted on Wednesday.
It's sparkling good fun!

***Today (11/26/12), is the last day to make entries for this color. Only entries that have read the contest rules and have used the form on http://www.artglitter.com/GlitterColorContest.html will be elligable to win.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fall Wreath with Tombow and Art Glitter

Art Glitter is having an exciting cross promotion with Tombow.  I knew as soon as I heard we were going to do something with them that I would be using one of my favorite products, Tombow Dual Brush Pens.  So, here is how I made this wreath:
Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Adhesive
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 62 Copper Canyon
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 197 Flax
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 295 Ensalada
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent 90 Melone
Tombow Dual Brush Pens in various fall colors
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Tombow Power Adhesive Tabs
Inkssentials Craft Sheet
Tim Holtz Alterations Tattered Leaves Die
Manual Die Cut Machine (I used Cuttlebug)
1/4 yard Muslin
1/4 yard Brown Duck Cloth
Brown Wrapped Florist Wire
Green Wrapped Florist Wire
18" Grapevine Wreath
Burlap Ribbon
Small Styrofoam or Carvable Pumpkin (I bought mine at the Dollar Store)
Wire Cutters
Paper Towels
Small Paint Brush (optional)

1)  Use Die Cut Machine and Tattered Leaves Die to cut leaves from muslin and duck cloth.  There is no magic number, although I had at least 16 of each leaf.  You should judge it based on your own thoughts of how full the wreath should look.  Also, I found that the muslin cut best with 6 layers and the duck cloth with 3.
2)  Use the brush side of the Dual Brush Pens to color in the muslin.  There is no wrong way to color these.  I wanted tons of color, so I used many pens, but an almost monochromatic look is good, too.  I focused on a different set of colors in each type of leaf.  You don't have to do a great job on coloring these, as the next step erases many errors. Just make sure you saturate them. It might be a good thing to let kids help you with!

3)  Set leaves on the craft sheet and mist with water.  Because the colors are water based, they will move and blend.

4)  Remove the leaves from the craft sheet and set on paper towels to dry.  Allow to dry completely.

5)  Cut the wire into pieces about 4" long.
6)  For each leaf, match the colored top of the leaf with a duck cloth bottom leaf.  Remove the top leaf and set aside.
7)  Use Fabric Dries Clear on duck cloth leaf and smear with either your finger or craft brush.  You want to completely cover the upside of the duck cloth leaf with a light coating of glue.  You don't want to make the glue too saturated so that it removes the color.
8)  Set wire on duck cloth leaf about 1" on the leaf and 3" beneath it.
9)  Match up the colored leaf and press down.  Hold for a few moments and set aside to thoroughly dry.
10)  Make a small puddle of fabric glue on the craft sheet. Use your finger or brush to put a light coating of glue on the leaves where you want them to look "frosted" with glitter.  Don't put over the whole leaf, because you want it to be a lovely accent, but still see the coloring.
11)  Glitter the leaves.  I used the Flax for the leaves with yellow, the Melone for the primarily red leaves, and Ensalada for the green leaves.  You do not want to use the opaque glitter for the leaves because it would obliterate the colors underneath.

12)  Cut styrofoam pumpkin in half.  I used a styrofoam knife.
13)  Cover the pumpkin with Tombo Mono Adhesive.  You can use the wide applicator end, your finger or a brush.  Don 't apply glue to the bottom.
14)  Glitter with Copper Canyon (one of my absolute favorite colors).  Because it is opaque, it can cover an ugly color or even an unattractive seam (Dollar Store pumpkins are not pretty).  Let dry.

15)   Wrap the burlap ribbon around the wreath.  Don't tie yet. 
16)  Attach the pumpkin with Power Adhesive Tabs on the bottom.  You can enhance the adhesion with a little of the Mono Adhesive squeezed into the cracks with the fine applicator.
17)  Use wire to wrap leaves around the vines.
18)  After your placement is correct, use the Mono Adhesive with the fine applicator to glue the backs of some of the leaves to the wreath and make more secure.

You're finished!  Don't want to make a fall wreath this late in the season?  Just imagine how great this wreath would look with frosted Sizzix holly leaves and sparkling mini houses in the center!!!  I feel another project coming on!   Happy Holidays, everyone!

Friday, November 23, 2012


Rainbow Color Combination

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Reggae Color Combination
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Terra Cotta Pots with Tombow and Glitter

The idea for these terracotta candle pots is inspired by a photo I seen on Pinterest recently. The original photo used plain pots but I imagined them all decked out for the holidays in silvery bliss. I checked my stash and I did have several varieties of Art Glitter silver glitters on hand, so I grabbed my scissors and a bag and trekked outdoors to gather some pine boughs and pine cones. I added four terracotta pots to the items I gathered outdoors and this is what I started with. My supply list was actually quite minimal for these:
I pulled some old plastic packaging from the trash bin and squeezed a good amount of Designer Dries Clear (DDC) onto it (this is my palette). I brushed the DDC onto the bottom portion of the pots - working on one at a time. Remember, the DDC dries pretty quickly when brushing a thin layer on, so work in small sections at a time. I chose the No. 508 Silver Moon Microfine Opaque because the opaque helps to block out the terracotta color and the microfine gives a nice smooth finish to the pot. I found it easiest to pour the glitter into a plastic disposable sandwich tub and use a spoon to spoon the glitter over the glue area. After coating the lower portion of the pot I moved along to the rim. I wanted the rim to have a chunkier look and even more sparkle than the lower portion so opted to use Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter No. 611 Antique Silver Fine. I love the sparkle of the Vintage Glass Glitter. I applied the Vintage Glass in the same manner as the glitter on the lower portion. To finish off the rim I chose to use Art Glitter D24 Hi Ho Silver Dazzlers. If you want sparkle, you can't go wrong with Dazzlers. I applied the Dazzlers with a technique I seen on Donna Salazar's blog during the 2nd Annual Handmade Holiday Blog Hop recently. You can watch her video here. I poured the DDC onto a non-stick craft sheet and twirled the rim in the glue, making sure I had a good thick coat on it. Then I dipped into the Dazzlers which I also poured into a disposable tub. This method really works well to totally coat the rim and it leaves a nice thick coat that reminds me of good salt on the rim of a margarita! While I had the glue on the non-stick craft sheet I brushed it on the very tips of the pine cones and rolled them in the Dazzlers too.
When the glittered pot was dry I added a strip of silver tinsel under the brim to cover the open space.
I added a candle to the center of the pot and stuffed the pine boughs and the glittered pine cones around them. All it needed now were the gift tags.
These are punched with Fiskars XXL Tag Lever Punch. They're really cute shapes and the size is perfect! To decorate them I inked my rubber stamps (Hero Arts) with Tombow Dual Brush Pens, Grunge. The tags are edged with the pens as well, then finished off with a strip of twine (The Twinery) and a bow.
These little pots can be decked out for any occasion but I just love all the silvery bliss for the Christmas season.
Have a crafty holiday and stop by my blog for more crafty inspiration.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Way Simple Glitter Christmas Tags by Emily M Miller

I am all about simplicity at Christmas time. When I received my package of Tombow Toys I immediately started playing with the stamp runner first and moved on to the Mono Multi Glue, because deep down inside, I am a glue junkie. I was already familiar with the Dual Brush Pens and a plan began to form in my head…

Back to simplicity, I wanted to make some cheep easy tags for Christmas. Tombow and Art Glitter to the rescue! Here they are, a little on the Dr. Seuss side, but I like them!

Things you can’t live without:
A rainbow selection of Art Glitter Opaque colors. I used -- Ultrafine: #119 Cranberry, #140 Canadian Blue, #62 Copper Canyon, #351 Pink Diamond, #350 Butterscotch. Ultrafine Hologram: #136 Chromosphere, #331 Sunburst. Microfine: #519 Reed, #505 Gypsy Mauve
Tombow Dual Brush Pens Set, I used the Jewel set
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Adhesive
Tombow Stamp Runner
Mailing Tags: 2.5” x 4.75”

Since it doesn’t require any dry time, I’m going to start with the backside. Way easy, way fast, simply run the stamp runner along four sides of the tag. This tape runner is unique because it has a dot texture pattern on it. Now rainbow glitter your exposed tape.

Rainbow Glittering is a part of Barbara Trombley’s Art Glittering System. It is a simple technique that looks exotic! It is based on the fact that with glue and glitter, which ever color hits the open glue first is the winner. So you can cover a spot that has already been glittered and not change the color. History lesson done, on to fun.

Hold your tag in one hand with one end dipped toward your glitter jar/tray. Load up your spoon with that color and slide it along in a line over a small area of the exposed glue that is closest to your tray. Tap off the excess glitter away from the exposed glue. Move on to the next color and create another strip of glitter along the exposed glue, making sure you overlap your first color a little and tap off excess glitter away from exposed glue again. Keep adding new strips of color until glue is covered. Once you do it a couple of times it becomes fast and easy.

Can you guess which colors are the holograms in this photo? I bet you can!

Now you can write in your Tos and Froms with the fine tip of the Tombow pens.

Flip your tag and draw a tree with the brush tip of the Tombow pens. I hold it in my hand like an artist’s paintbrush to take advantage of the full width of the tip. Then just make quick sweeping curves that meet in the middle. No need to be exact. Glitter will cover all that.

Again use the broad side of the brush pen for the base of the tree. Then use the tip of the brush pen to make a tree topper. Slide a different brush tip color along edges if desired.

The Mono Multi Adhesive makes great dots! Just squeeze a tiny bit till glue starts to come out and touch the tag. Cover with a color, then make more dots and cover with another color and so on till done.

Then draw around the brown hole at top and cover with glitter color of choice. Set aside to dry. Tie a ribbon through hole. Done!

I know I’m pretty long winded for such a quick easy tag, but I just love talking about glitter and glue! Enjoy, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! blogbyemm.com

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art Glitter & Tombow Fun

Art Glitter is teaming up with Tombow to create some truly wonderful projects.  For my project I have made a mixed media Fall Decor piece.

I used:
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set - Jewel
Tombow NEW Stamp Runner - Dot Pattern Adhesive
Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter - Wood Berry, Taupe, & Country Red
Stamps - Flourish stamp from Viva Decor & Fantasic Fall from Red Rubber Designs.
Goose Bumps clear spritz
Viva Decor Pearl Pen
Want 2 Scrap Grand Chipboard Album page - Labels One

To create the background, I started with beige card stock, spritzed it with Goosebumps clear spritz, and let that dry.

I used a craft mat and scribbled Tombow pens in yellow, red and purple.  It doesn't show up well on the craft mat......

....until you spritz it with a little water....

Then run your paper through it.....

....blot a little with paper towel...and repeat until you have your desired background.

Use the Tombow Stamp glue runner to run glue along the edges of the chipboard.  I LOVE this glue runner!  It glides really easily across the page and has a dual action stamping function so that you can stamp spots of glue in the center of your page.

Press the chipboard onto the back of the card stock and use a craft knife to cut around the chipboard for a nice clean edge.

I stamped a flourish design around the edges of the piece and created the stamped "Fantastic Fall" framed sentiment as a focal.  Then it was time for some glittered embellishing!

I have a lot of colors of glitter, but just like paints, pens, inks, pencils.......it's always fun to blend my own colors to come up with something new!  I chose Country Red, Wood Berry & Taupe to create a new blend for this project.    I took a small spoonful of each color.....

.....and created the perfect fall shade for this project.

I used some leaf cutouts from Quick Quotes as stencils and a fine point Sharpie to trace some leaf shapes.

Then I used Tombow MONO Multi glue to trace the leaf and fill in the center. 

I added a few more leaves and set the project aside to let the glue dry.  This glue can be used in a conventional way to glue something in place - like I did to glue the "Fantastic Fall" focal in place.  But it can also be applied like I have done here with the leaves and left to dry.  It dries tacky - VERY TACKY!!  

Once it is clear - or nearly clear....

....coat the glue area with glitter mix and tap off the excess.

I was loving this color so much I decided to add some glue dots and more glitter accents.  Dear Art Glitter...I have a new color for you.......

I haven't quite decided if I'm going to add a hanger to this and hang it or just display in on an easel somewhere......What would you do with it??

Please come back to the Art Glitter Blog to see all of the Art Glitter/Tombow projects!!

And please visit my blog for more glittering fun!