Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Adult Of Versions Paper Cones with Helmar

How can you not love a paper cone? As kids, we all made them in Kindergarten. We stuffed them with candy hearts, popcorn or pretzels or we put them to our mouth and used them as bull horns to get attention. As the adult version, they make great little door hangers, pretty packaging for food and candy gift-giving, and gorgeous decorations to hold flower sprays. I just think they are so pretty, especially when done in a Vintage style.

This month the Art Glitter Design Team is doing a blog hop with Helmar, an Australian manufacturer of premium aerosol and adhesive products for the arts & craft and DIY hardware market with distribution around the world. So when I received my package with my Helmar products I decided to try my hand at creating my own adult-style of a Vintage paper cone. I received an aerosol adhesive for vellum.

I've never used spray adhesive before and even though it was for vellum, I decided to see how it would work for glitter. I started with a store-bought paper cone and some old sheet music pages. After reading the directions on the can, I sprayed the paper cone with the V2 Vellum Adhesive and rolled it onto the sheet music. I let the glue set up then inked the sheet music with a light coating of Vintage Photo Distress Ink. It was looking pretty good, but, I'm also on Art Glitter's Design Team so had to incorporate that gorgeous glitter! I sprayed the inked cone and rolled it in Poupon Microfine Transparent glitter. My favorite glitters seem to be in this Microfine line. They're just so delicate and

To decorate the opening edge of the cone I cut white cardstock using the Sizzix on the Edge Die - Tattered Doily. I cut four of these doily pieces and sprayed them as well with the V2 (one at a time) and sprinkled the Poupon Microfine Transparent glitter.
These are overlapped and glued to the edge with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I used a lacy, open-weave ribbon to cover the seaming at the top. I used three rosettes to decorate the front of the cone. After they were assembled I sprayed them with the V2 as well and sprinkled with the Poupon Microfine Transparent glitter. Everything just sparkles!
The rosettes are attached to the paper cone with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive and finished with a Vintage button in the center. I used Helmar's Gemstone Glue to adhere the buttons.
To jazz the cone up a bit more I added rhinestone sprays from Want2Scrap. These are secured with Helmar's Gemstone Glue as well.
I added a pre-made tassel to the bottom and a wire handle for hanging. These look so pretty holding fresh flowers. I picked some end-of-summer flowers and added a few sprigs of dried grasses and weeds for this photo. I'll be adding some dried or silk florals for an Autumn theme and hanging it indoors to admire!

-- Linda Neff

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coaster Fun

Today I wanted to share with you a coaster project. I love coasters, and I love glitter so it is the perfect combination.

Products used:

Art Glitter: #329 Egyptian Blue Ultrafine Opaque Hologram, #291 Fire Engine Ultrafine Opaque, & #200 Fog Ultrafine Transparent
Dreamweaver Stencils: LJ 806 Hexagons
Sticky Paper
Set of blank Coasters

First start by cutting your sticky paper to the size of the coaster. Adhere the sticky paper to each coaster.

Soap the back of the stencil. Peel off the tape from the sticky paper and place the stencil on it. Be sure the stencil is attached firmly.

Pour your chosen color onto the stencil. Here it is shown with Fire Engine.
 And here in Egyptian Blue

Tap off excess glitter (you can also rub the glitter in to make sure it sticks before you tap it off) and flip over the coaster and peel back the stencil.

Then pour on your second color of glitter. I chose to use Fog.
Rub it in with your fingers than tap off the excess glitter.

If I had epoxy I would have coated these with them, but I did not, so I shot them with several coats of clear acrylic spray paint. Epoxy would give it that super thick sheen.

And there you have it! Super sparkly coasters! Be sure to stop by my blog, for more glittery goodness!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glitter Garland with Carrie

I love to layer garlands with different textures, shapes and materials. They are very versatile and you can mix and match themes to fit any occasion.
For this project trifecta, I wanted to make a fringe garland, a chain garland and a ribbon garland with flowers.
First, I gathered all the materials I'm going to use to make the chain garland and the fringe garland. This is what I used:
  1. Black construction paper
  2. Helmar Vellum Adhesive Spray
  3. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter - #62 Copper Canyon Orange
  4. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter - #79 Black
  5. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter - #83 Silver
  6. Art Institute Fine Opaque Glitter - #77 Pewter
  7. White paper fringe garland
  8. Dreamweaver Stencils - I used #LX 7001 Damask
  9. Large piece of paper to spray on
First off... do this outside! You are going to be using spray adhesive and making a mess.
I started by spraying the paper fringe garland liberally with the Vellum Adhesive spray.
I then sprinkled the sprayed area with glitter and kept spraying, sprinkling glitter and rolled it around in the excess glitter. The Vellum spray was really neat because it made the white tissue garland paper turn more opaque and frosted, so the finished garland had a really neat vellum look to it.
I set the paper fringe garland aside to dry. I then moved on to the next project... I set out a piece of the black construction paper and sprayed it liberally with the Vellum adhesive spray...
And quickly set a stencil on top of the sprayed area. I then sprinkled the silver glitter carefully over the exposed area of the stencil. Then I carefully removed the stencil, tapped off the excess and covered the remaining exposed paper with black glitter.
It wasn't perfect, but it did give me enough of that Damask pattern to work with. I did this with 3 more sheets of paper using all my glitter colors. I left everything on my front porch to dry while I retreated into my office to start the flowers for the 3rd garland.
To make the flowers I used the following:
  1. Orange construction paper. 4 sheets in different shades of orange.
  2. Helmar Gemstone Glue
  3. Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
  4. Art Institute Glitter - D14 Gunmetal Gray Dazzlers
  5. Art Institute Glitter - D59 Stardance Dazzlers
  6. Black and white polka dot ribbon
  7. Lots of rhinestones
  8. Flower petal hole punch - 2 different designs
I put the flowers together, 3 petals deep and then used the Helmar Gemstone Glue to add the rhinestones and glitter on the inside of each flower.
I made about 48 flowers total.
When the flowers dried, I glued them all back to back on the black and white polka dot ribbon using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I love this glue because it has the consistency of rubber cement. When making this garland, I wanted to space the flowers evenly and using this glue allowed me to move each flower before it dried. Also, the glue seeped just enough through the ribbon to help form a bond onto the other side of the ribbon. It was the perfect glue for this project. I set the flower garland aside to dry and went back to the paper chain project downstairs.
I cut the glittered construction paper into strips...
And then arranged the strips in alternating glitter colors... and glued them all together using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. After everything was assembled and dried, I hung them all together over a mirror in my dining room...

I have one more idea for a garland to add to this collection... another Halloween-themed garland with ghosts. The cool thing is, once Halloween is over, I can remove the garlands that scream Halloween and leave the others up for Thanksgiving. Easy to make, easy to store and very versatile!
Thanks for checking out my post.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beading Heart Pendant by Emily M. Miller

When I received my goodies from Helmar I jumped right in and started gluing everything I could get my hands on. Right away I noticed how three dimensional the Gemstone glue is and thought it would be a great match for some of our heavier glitter products. Oh how I LOVE going 3-D!

Things You Need:
Helmar Gemstone Glue
Art Glitter Glass Beads: #800 Vermillion Large, #813 Crimson Lake Large, #801 Deco Pink Large, #803 Solar, #803 Solar Small, #806 Sonata Small, #808 Sterling Large, #817 Pearlies Large, #810 Clear Large
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque Glitter: #291 Fire Engine Red
Art Glitter Transparency Sheet
Art Glitter Noodger
Paper Plate
Round Needle Nose Pliers
Spray Lacquer

Start with a piece of wire and wrap it around into a loose circle with needle nose pliers and twist ends into a stem with the ends extended. Draw a glue heart onto transparency sheet (sitting on paper plate) and lay wire post in middle of heart. I sprinkled a few Sterling Large beads first for a base and filled in with some Crimson Lake and Clear Large beads. I let this dry about half an hour and put on another layer of glue with more of the same beads in an random pattern.

This glue is really fun, it stays flexible! So after applying the beads you can let it dry 10-15 minutes and then push the beads around, into the glue to solidify your shape. I used a 'noodger' to get my edges just so. Once the edges of the heart are dry, a few hours or so, you can cut the transparency off, go in close to just under the beads for a clean look. It will completely dry in a day or two, depending on the humidity in your area.

Left is the front, right is the back side where you can see the extra silver beads I used that will help hide my silver wire. I wanted to show you how fun the clear beads made this project. Once the glue is completely dry use a spray lacquer on the beads. The beads are not solvent resistant and can tarnish over time otherwise.

Next I decided I wanted to try the same technique on a smaller version so I could glue and bead the backside without the pendant getting too heavy. I used a few Solar, large beads, then some Pearlies and covered the rest with Solar small beads. When using multiple size embellishments, start with your largest size first and fill in to the smallest size. After the edges are dry and you have cut the transparency off you can turn it over, glue and bead in a couple of layers again.

It really is not heavy, which made me very happy. When I showed these to Barbara Trombley she noticed that the project does use a lot of beads. So I started thinking. With this glue, maybe I don't need to layer the beads.

So one more try! This time I started off with a pretty thick base of glue. I let it be a little gloppy, planning to push it into shape later. Let it dry for about 1.5 hours.

Then I sprinkled on my large beads: Sterling, Solar, Vermillion, Deco Pink. Then covered the rest with small beads: Sonata. I pushed them into the glue a little and as you can see on the left heart below there is still open glue.

Fill it in with Fire Engine Red Ultrafine Glitter. Now the right heart above is covered and looks redder. If you compare the backside of this heart to the backside of the gold one above you can see how the beads are not touching the transparency, they are just sitting on top of the glue.

Apply your glue thickly to the back like before, let dry 1.5 hours, bead and glitter like before. Dry and spray with spray lacquer.

I have to admit, this last one is my favorite. Which one is yours?
For more things Art Glitter and a little towards the left side of the brain check out my blog: blog by emm .com  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like HALLOWEEN!

Today, I am presenting some Halloween decorations made with Art Glitter products and Helmar Adhesives.  The first one, presented on this blog, is a Spider Egg Specimen jar.  In the story that goes along with it, something went terribly wrong.  The Venomous Spider Eggs that were supposed to be stored and experimented on have hatched!  The resulting spiders have set up a home.  The largest decided that the small jar and web were not enough for him, and has broken the jar lid to escape.  Talk about my biggest nightmare!  Of course, everyone is supposed to be a little scared at Halloween, right?
One jar (I used an old salsa jar, because it had no extra markings on it)
Thin Craft Metal (I used Walnut Hollow Gold metal)
Cereal box liner bag, washed
An art program on your computer
One large rubber spider
Two small rubber spiders
Craft Knife
Foam Brush
Top lid from sour cream or other plastic container
Craft Sheet
Wooden Skewer for shish kabob
Scrap Paper
Helmar V2 Vellum Adhesive
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
Helmar Gemstone Glue
Helmar Quick Fix Permanent Adhesive Runner
Art Glitter Large Opaque Beads 813 Crimson Lake
Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter 906 Carnelian
Art Glitter Elements 37 Morroco
Art Glitter Dazzlers D18 Showgirl
Art Glitter Ultrafine Pearlescent 143 Glow in the Dark
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 79 Black
Art Glitter Ultrafine Pearlescent 175 Retro Red
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 500 Ruby Red
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 507 Black Wing
Art Glitter Microfine Opaque 508 Silver Moon

1)  Remove any extra pieces from the spiders using craft knife.  Mine had suction cups and webs attached to them.
2)  Put a little water in plastic lid and add a glob of Helmar Gemstone Glue.  Stir with foam brush.
3)  Apply glue water mixture onto plastic spiders and cover with black glitter.  Microfine REALLY works the best here, but since I covered one in Ultrafine by accident, I included it in the materials list.  Let dry.
4)  Create label on art program in computer.  I used my Silhouette Studio software and some pre-made frames.  Print onto vellum.
5)  Cut around the vellum label.
6)  Following package directions, spray the vellum label with Helmar V2 Vellum Adhesive.  Let dry 5 minutes.
7)  Attach label to jar
8)  Cut cereal liner into circle.  Fold it and cut like a paper doll to create a spiderweb.  You will be folding the packaging in half three times, creating a wedge.  Cut rectangles across wedge, leaving the fold intact along one side.
9)  Unfold the spider web and place onto scrap paper.
10)  Using the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive, you will be gluing strands across the spider web.  Because it dries so quickly, you will only be able to do one section at a time.  I wanted to create a spooky effect, so I purposely laid it in "blobs" and tried to pull "strings" up and across to the other layers. 
11)  After each section, flood the glued area with Glow in the Dark glitter.  Then lift the web, flip it over and lay it into the excess glitter.  Do again back to the original side.  This will solidify some of those strings.
12)  By now, the spiders should be dry.  Create a pool of glue on your craft sheet and use the skewer to create lines for markings on the spider.  I used the Showgirls Dazzlers, Pearlescent Red, and Silver Moon Microfine glitters for this.
13)  Create the eyes of the spiders in the same manner as number 12.  Use the Microfine Ruby Red or a couple of pieces from the Dazzlers for these.  Let dry.
14)  Cover the bottom of the jar with Helmar Gemstone Glue.
15)  Put Helmar Gemstone Glue into a small piece of metal and cover with red beads.  Place into bottom of jar.
16)  Cover the rest of the jar bottom with elements and one small spider.

17)  Use craft knife to trim excess plastic from the (now dry) spider web.
18)  Use Helmar Adhesive Runner around inside of top lip of jar.  Hang the spider web.  You might have to cut the web down to fit it into place.

19)  Cut metal a little larger than jar lid.  You will be creating a fake lid to have the spider bursting out of.  Cut a slit big enough for your spider to be breaking out of.
20)  Use the Adhesive Runner to attach the metal to the lid.  Fold back edges of opening.
21)  Glue large spider into opening. 
22)  Cut strips of metal to go around neck of lid.  Attach with Adhesive Runner.
23)  Crinkle up the edges and make some cuts in them to make the appearance of the spider breaking out.
24)  Sand the metal

25)  Use the Adhesive Runner to attach the final small spider to the web.

You are done.  Here is a picture of both of the jars that I created.  For instructions on the other, see my blog at Hope to see you there.  Sparkle On!