Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fantasy Film and Fiber Fish Art Quilt by Laura Fraedrich

I had so much fun with my last project for the Art Glitter Institute (Fantasy Film Art Quilt....No Sewing Required) that I decided to make another one and add Fantasy Fibers this time! This is getting addicting...

Supplies I used:
Tulip® Brand Fabric Spray Paint™, Beads in a Bottle™, Slick Dimensional Paint, cotton broadcloth (approx. 18" x 24"), cotton muslin, parchment paper,  Art Glitter Institute's Fantasy Film and Fantasy Fibers, Pellon's Wonder Under®, Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive

I started with a piece of muslin that I sprayed with various colors of Tulip® spray fabric paint for my background. I used a fish that I made in a workshop I took with Pattie Wilkinson where she taught how to use Tulip® Fabric Markers with a paintbrush and water to create a watercolor effect. I ironed Pellon's Wonder Under® onto the back of the fish (remember to always cover your project with parchment paper when ironing so you don't get your iron gooey), cut him out, peeled off the backing sheet and ironed him onto the background. I took a few pinches of each color Fantasy Fibers and arranged them randomly around the fish, put parchment paper over them and ironed for a few seconds. To hold it in place I brushed some Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive behind the fibers with a paintbrush.

I then cut three same size pieces of yellow Fantasy Film, layered them on top of one another, sandwiched them between two sheets of parchment paper and ironed for a few seconds. I repeated this process for the pink and blue Fantasy Film. Next I applied the Wonder Under to the ironed Fantasy Film pieces according to package directions.  I cut out random long wavy triangle shapes to represent seaweed with the pink and yellow film, and different size circles of blue for the bubbles. I peeled off the backing paper from the Wonder Under, arranged the shapes I cut out onto my quilt, covered it with parchment paper and ironed them on. Again, so easy! I applied a few more layers of the different colors of fibers to make the piece look more dimensional.

I finished off the project by applying Beads in a Bottle™ to areas of the fish and outlined the shapes in Slick Dimensional Paint.

Friday, February 24, 2012

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Heart Shaped Gift Box by Cassandra Midkiff

Every year after Valentine ’s Day I have left over empty heart boxes that were once filled with chocolate. I always feel guilty for throwing them away (and for eating all that chocolate!) so this year I’ve decided to dress them up and use them for jewelry and gift boxes.

This is a fairly easy project. First I traced the top and bottom of the heart box onto some left over scrapbook paper. After cutting the shapes out, I glued them into place.  Then I took some seam binding in a coordinating color and glued it around the edging covering what once was red. Once it was dry I added some velvet trim. Next I placed some of my Designer Dries Clear adhesive around the top edging of the heart sprinkling Ultrafine Opaque #148 Antique Gold onto it. After letting it dry I tied some more seam binding into a bow and glued it and a vintage millinery flower into place. I painted any red that was peeking out in white. Now I have a sweet little heart box that I’m thinking of saving for my Mother’s day gift boxes! It has been wonderful creating tutorials for Art Glitter again; it is such a fantastic product with endless uses. Please visit me at my store jupiterdesigns.etsy.com or on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/jupiterdesigns/.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fantasy Film Art Quilt....No Sewing Required! – By Laura Fraedrich

I recently developed a love for art quilts, and even though my sewing is less than stellar I am crazy about making them. I recently moved and have yet to unpack my plethora of art and craft supplies, but I was jonsing to be crafty this past weekend so I put up a folding table, grabbed what paint and supplies I could easily find (miscellaneous fabric paints, Art Glitter Institute's Fantasy Film, some fabric and a few tie dyed paper towels I had in my stash) , and went to town...I didn't feel like unburying my sewing machine so I used the next best thing to put my quilt together with...Pellon's Wonder Under®! This stuff is great. With nothing more than an iron and a sheet of parchment paper, you can turn anything into an iron on transfer. The Fantasy Film was so much fun to work with, and it brought a whole new life to my finished quilt. I'm going to start putting it on everything from now on!

Supplies I used:
Tulip® Brand Fabric Spray Paint™, Beads in a Bottle™, Slick Dimensional Paint, cotton broadcloth (approx. 18" x 24"), paper towels, Art Glitter Institute's Fantasy Film, Pellon's Wonder Under®, acrylic paint.

I started by spraying the broadcloth with various colors of the fabric spray paint.  At this point I didn't know exactly what my finished product was going to be, but I knew I wanted to make a sunset so I sprayed blue at the top and faded it into the purple and orange. Next, I drew out my picture with a pencil so I knew where to place the pieces I was about to cut out. I then cut three same size pieces of yellow Fantasy Film, layered them on top of one another, sandwiched them between two sheets of parchment paper and ironed for a few seconds. I repeated this process for the pink and blue Fantasy Film. Next I applied the Wonder Under to the ironed Fantasy Film pieces according to package directions.  I cut 7 triangles out of the yellow, 3 cloud shapes out of the blue and 12 petals out of the pink. I did all of this freehand since I'm not exactly a stickler for accuracy.

I arranged the shapes I cut out onto my quilt, covered it with parchment paper and ironed them on. Viola! They were stuck and no sewing was required. I applied the Wonder Under to the tie dyed paper towels in the same fashion, cut out mountain shapes and ironed those on next. A whole landscape was starting to form!

To finish the project, I used acrylic paint to color the faces of the sun and flower, enhanced them by outlining them with black and green dimensional paint, and used Beads in a Bottle™ to create some texture in the sky and in the mountains.

I have yet to decide how I'm going to finish the quilt.  I will probably add complimentary fabrics around the edges and make a wall hanging out of it, that is once I find my sewing machine!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Glitter Notebook by Candy Spiegel

This glitter notebook is made from a mini composition pad of paper — the perfect size to keep in your purse so you always have paper on hand.

I created it using the lace technique created by Barbara Trombley, the owner of Art Glitter.

I love this technique because although it looks difficult, it is super easy! For a visual demonstration, click here …

First, adhere a piece of cardstock to cover the back cover of the book. I use a corner rounder to trim the right edge.

Now, to the fun part … Adhere a piece of Sticky Paper (with the protective cover to the sticky side up) to the front of the book and corner round the edges. Peel off the backing and position a piece of lace to the Sticky Paper. I used Lace Pattern 2.

Apply the background color (I used Ultrafine Transparent #85 Crystal).

Carefully remove the lace and apply the second color (I used Ultrafine Opaque #1 True Red).

Place a sheet of scrap paper over the top and gently run a brayer across the top to make sure the glitter is set well. Tap the book on a table to shake off the excess.

And now the finishing touches:

Cut the bookplate with a Tim Holtz Die out of cardstock and then paint it with Adirondack Dabber in Gold.

Stamp the quote (from Tim Holtz) in the center of the bookplate with Archival Black Ink and lightly color the edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Adhere it with Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. Attach the bookplate with brads.

Using Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive and the Ultrafine Metal Tip, designate places for the beads (Glass Beads #817 Pearlies) including a very thin ring around the inside of the bookplate. Add the beads and let sit for a few minutes. Then, very gently, push the beads into the glue and shake off the excess.

For a final step, fill the bookplate with a bit of Glossy Accents and let dry.

(I received Art Glitter products in exchange for this post).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glitter Valentine Cards by Barbara Trombley

Here are some lovely Valentine Cards made by Barbara Trombley the Valentine Glitter Queen!

This is a simple two color glitter lace card. Just make your glitter lace paper, cut out the heart shape and corners. Glue it onto cardstock and embellish. You can't tell very well on this photo, but the edges of the heart have been curved up slightly for a great raised look.

Colors used:
Ultrafine Opaque #4 Berry, #114 Leaf
Ultrafine Transparent #144 Miss Muffet
Dazzler Hexi #D32 Engagement
Sticky Paper

Glitter Lace Instructions...

This wonderful card has a bed of Fantasy Fiber topped with Fantasy Film molded into a heart shape with a heat tool, then glittered in the middle with a rainbow of Ultrafine Transparent colors that are also used on the stamped images in the background, applied with Designer Dries Clear Adhesive.

Happy Valentines Day to All Our Art Glitter Enthusiasts!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Treat n Sparkle Bag by Candy Spiegel

Everybody loves to receive valentines. The best ones have a little sparkle and come with a little treat.

I created this one to be simple enough that you could easily make enough for an entire class (or let the kids make them) — but interactive enough to make it stand out.

I started with a little white bag that I’ve been carrying around for years. I don’t remember where I got it from originally.

I added a piece of Bo Bunny paper to the front and then used my Big Shot to cut out a heart and foldable strip from QuicKutz/Lifestyle Crafts.

I used Close To My Heart alphabet stamps to stamp the sentiment on the inside and another stamp from CTMH to stamp the Happy. (It was part of a Happy Birthday stamp, but I only inked the happy portion).

For the heart, I spread a bit of Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with my finger and then covered it in Ultrafine Transparent Glitter #147 Pink Azalea. When dry, I adhered it to the front of the folded strip. Then, using Designer Dries Clear Adhesive again, I attached the strip and the string (from My Mind’s Eye) to the bag. Tying the string into a small bow keeps the strip closed and invites people to untie it and read the sentiment inside.

I tucked three Smarties into the bag, but you could put in a sucker, a few Hershey’s Kisses, or any wrapped candy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sparkle Heart Necklaces by Cassandra Midkiff

My daughter is having a birthday tea party and I have been trying to come up with special things to put into favor bags besides overdosing them on sugar. I’ve come up with these very simple but cute heart necklaces. I picked up some 1” glass charms from Wal-Mart for a few dollars.

I took one of the glass pieces and traced out squares of scrapbook paper.  Then I traced out some hearts in pencil and filled them in with my Designer Dries Clear adhesive.  Next I sprinkled on my Art Glitter! I used mostly Ultrafine Opaque and Ultrafine Transparent glitters in shades like #14 Lavender,  #144 Miss Muffet, #98 Amethyst, #202 Pansy,  #87 Hot Kiss,  #16 Blackberry, Ultrafine Hologram #247 Moulin Rouge, and many more.

Once they were dry I put the glass over them and slid them back into the charm pieces then strung them on some ball chain necklaces. I may end up adding some Glass Beads as well.  These would make easy and sweet Valentines gifts too!