Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Glitter Flag

Heather's Project
Americana Roses

Heather decided she would like to share with you a tiny Vintage Americana Folk Art Inspired Canvas!! You will need the following:
Step One
I spread the modge podge over my entire canvas.  I wanted an antique look so I used the Antique modge podge, but you could use the Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue in the same manner.
Step Two
Place your book page over your canvas and smooth out.  Tear off the excess edges.  You can smooth the edges over to the sides as well.  The excess will be sanded off when you are finished with your piece.
Step Three
Heather used her drawing as a reference when drawing onto her canvas.  You could use some graphite paper, place it on the canvas shiny side down, then put drawing on top, use a stylus to transfer your lines to your canvas.
Step Four
Heather used a flat brush to paint the cream stripes, then the red ones.
Step Five
Heather Free hand painted a vintage white star.
Step Six
Heather used a Round and flat brush to paint her leaves.  She watered down her paint so that the coverage would not be opaque, letting some of the book page showing through.  She sketched in a circle for the rose.
Step Seven
Heather decided she wanted some more leaves, that would wrap around the edges of the canvas.  Leaves were base coated with Classic Green.
Step Eight
Heather used the baby pink and a flat brush to paint a messy circle and used a round brush to create the basecoat for some rosebuds.  She also cut out some words from another book page and glued them down to the white stripes of the flag.  Heather also cut out words and placed them along the canvas edges too.  She then put a coat of antique Mod Podge
Step Nine 
Heather filled in the blue part of the flag, again watering down her acrylic paint.
Step Ten
Heather used her Angle Shader brush and applied red lipstick paint to the messy circle to create the rose beginning and to shade the rose buds.  She did a brush mix of the old ivy & burnt umber to shade the leaves .  She also used her Angle Shader with burnt umber to shade around all the leaves, and around the edges of the star and stripes.
Step Eleven
Heather used her round brush and brush mix of Fresh Foliage & Moon Yellow to highlight tips of leaves and create leaves for the rose buds.  She used her Angle shader with a brush mix of pink & white to create the rose.  When the paint was dry she applied some Designer dries clear glue randomly to the white stripes and star and applied Fauna Glitter. 
Step Twelve  
Heather did the same technique to the leaves applying Celery glitter, the blue she applied Dusty Blue Glitter, and Cheeky pink was added to the rose.
Finished Piece
Heather is really happy with how it turned out!!
A couple close ups
You can see below how Heather continued the painting onto the edges of her canvas.
Another Close up
One more close up
Heather hopes you enjoyed her tutorial, and hopes it adds a little Sparkle to your day!

Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects and Tutorials using Art Glitter on her blog.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Art Glitter Flowers


Art Glitter #92 Bananan Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
Art Glitter #18 Purple Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
Art Glitter #297 Hibiscus Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
Art Glitter Dries Clear Glue
Art Glitter Dries Clear Fabric Glue
Art Glitter Red Gala Glitz
Art Glitter Pink Gala Glitz
Tim Holtz Rosette Die
Tim Holtz Snowflake Rosette Die
Small Water Color Brush
Copic Markers (purple and green)
White card stock
Leaf Punch
Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

At some point in her crafty life, Clare would love to try ribbon embroidery.  She recently found some fabulous French Ombre ribbon flowers on Etsy at a store called Grandmas Flower Garden.    Clare hopes to try this technique some day, but just can't add anymore stashes, to the stashes she already has.   And she loves to save money by making her own with supplies she already has!  So that got her thinking...why can't she try this look with paper and Art Glitter!?
You can see the ribbon flower below.
Clare started by painting the ombre first.  For the Yellow flower and pink flower she used Tombow markers and a small water color brush.  For the purple flower and the leaves she used the Copic markers.  
She cut the rosette shapes after coloring to prevent the color from collecting in the perforation marks.  She then trimmed the ends of the rosettes clipping from the end in 10 folds along a curve.

 She folded the rosettes and then bent them to get the look of the ribbon.  Once Clare had a petal she liked, she hot glued them to a small leaf she punched with a Creative Memories leaf punch.  For each flower she colored and cut 5 rosettes to make petals.  She then glued the five petals onto a circle of card stock and pinched the rosette folds again.  So, Clare glued each petal first, and then glued then to form the flower.

Once the hot glue was dry, Clare used the Art Glitter dries clear adhesive and a matching Art Glitter to edge the ends of the petals.  The yellow flower uses Bananan, the pink Hibiscus, and the Purple is Purple glitter.
For the center of the larger flowers, Clare used a shank button in the center of the flower and covered it with Art Glitter Gala Glitz.  Since one of her buttons was fabric Clare used the Art Glitter Dries Clear fabric glue on that one.  
The Red Gala Glitz is in the center of the yellow flower and the Pink Gala Glitz is in the center of the Pink flower.  In the center of the purple flower, she used a paper flower and a vintage button.  For the smaller purple flower, Clare used the Tim Holtz snowflake rosette die and trimmed off the spikes.

For the leaves, Clare cut the rosette at every fifth fold and trimmed it down to form the leaves.  
To see more of Clare's work, visit her blog  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Art Glitter Welcome

Art Glitter 278 Poppy Ultrafine Opaque
White Canvas
12 x 24 inch paper
Dreamweaver Embossing Paste
Foam Brush
Small paint brush
Tape runner
Digital Cutter (Clare used Cameo)
Clear tape

Clare has always wanted a welcome sign for her front entry.  She has been inspired by a fellow Art Glitter Design Team member to use Art Glitter with her Cameo cutting machine in her projects.  She also thinks is perfect project for the glitter newbie!   She started by typing the word welcome using the Brush Script MT font and welding the letters. 
Clare cut the word in paper to use as a stencil.  Using a canvas 28 x 22 inch white canvas she got got at Michaels using a coupon, Clare applied her template using a tape runner. 
She then used a foam brush to apply the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste to the canvas over the stencil openings.  Clare thought the Art Glitter glue would dry too quickly on this project and before she could apply the Art Glitter, so she used an embossing paste.  She also applied the paste on three letters at a time, so that it would not dry before she applied the glitter. She also applied some embossing paste free hand at either end of the word so that the word went off the side of the frame.  After all the glitter was applied and before the paste dried she carefully removed her template.  She allowed it to dry overnight and brushed off excess glitter with a dry paint brush.  Since the canvas held some of the excess glitter after brushing, she also used some clear tape to remove lose glitter not part of the design.  Clare love the simplicity and beauty of this home d├ęcor project.  So get out the Art Glitter and give it a try!

You can find more of Clare's work at her blog

Friday, March 21, 2014

Art Glitter Tattos with Missie

Glitter Tattoos

This year I am the Co Chair for the spring Funfair at my boys school.  They attend a K-8 school with over 900 students.  The event is four hours long and features food, games, activities, raffles, and silent auction and is the biggest fund raiser of the year for the school.  As I love ART GLITTER I thought that adding glitter tattoos this year would be a fun thing for the kids, and boy did they love it.  Here is a full list of supplies that I ordered before the event:

2 oz Body Adhesive (x2)
2 oz Pumpkin Glitter #56
2 oz Yellow Glitter # 66
2 oz Black Glitter #79
2 oz Shiney Glitter #84
2 oz Leather Glitter #139
2 oz Michigan Moss Glitter # 232
2 oz Berry Glitter #4
2 oz Baltic Glitter # 296
2 oz Heather Glitter # 115
2 oz Pink Diamond Glitter 3351
1 oz Electric Light #222
* this was more than ample supply for the event, 1 oz jars would have worked well. 

Brushes to apply glitter and adhesive

Begin by placing a stencil.  I created the stencils for this event myself using my Cameo and Orcal Vinyl, however a selection of stencils are available for purchase from Art glitter.  After applying the stencil apply a thin layer of Body adhesive using a foam brush of makeup applicator.

You can apply the glitter all over or use multiple colors like I did here.  This little guy (my son Ian) wanted the guitar to match his tie die shirt, so we started with green on the outside, then added orange, yellow, and black.

When you have finished adding glitter, simply brush off the excess.  The glitter tattoos will last for up to a week with normal wear.  If you want to remove the tattoo simply use rubbing alcohol. 

Here are a few photos of the glitter tattoo booth at the fun fair and making the stencils

Thanks for stopping by to see my creations.
Missie Todd

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art Glitter & Disney Is Magical

Ultrafine Metal Tip
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque 157 Purple Lame'
Printout of object to be glittered

1)  Place print out under the vellum and center.
2)  Put Ultrafine Metal Tip on the Designer Dries Clear Glue.
3)  Squeeze the glue through the tip and onto the area you want to color.  Use the glue sparingly.  You can see the print out through the vellum.
4)  Use Noodger to push glue out of any unwanted area.
5)  Cover with opaque glitter, pour off excess and let dry.
It is as simple as that.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed my little tip post.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Art Glitter Spring Time Card

Spring Time Card

Heather decided she would like to share with you a bit of spring!!  
You will need the following:

Step One
Heather Started out with cutting out her images, and inking all of her pieces with Ranger's Frayed Burlap.  She tied a nice seam binding bow at the top of her card using her bow it all tool.  

She used her Designer dries clear glue with a brush, and she applied glue to the whole doily, then applied Fauna Glitter.
She applied more glue to her focal image, and then used the brush to spread it around.
She then applied Fauna glitter to this piece as well.
Next she added some dots of glue to the green stamp image.  
Heather used Celery green glitter.  Next she used her fine tip applicator to outline the banner and added cheeky pink glitter.
Heather added some glue to her foam brush, then used it to brush some glue onto the edges of a mulberry rose.  She did the same thing with the two smaller pink roses.
Fauna glitter was used on all of the roses.
Heather used her fine tip applicator to add dots of glue to the outer edge of her card, and lines of glue added to the blue flag piece.  Cheeky pink and Ice glitters were used.
Here are a few close ups of her card below.
Heather loves the springy feel of her card.  Here is a close up of her roses below.
One last look at Heather's card.

Heather hopes you enjoyed her tutorial, and hopes it reminds you of a lovely spring day!
Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects and Tutorials using Art Glitter on her blog.
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