Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glitter Spoon Turkey by Fawnda Norman

For my next Art Glitter project, I am moving on to a Thanksgiving theme!

The Glitter Spoon Turkey!

Here is what you will need:

9 Plate Joining Biscuits (Found at Home Depot or the like) - They are wooden discs

An old spoon (thrift store)


Hot Glue

Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque: Brown #58, Copper Harbor #231, Cranberry #119
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent: Halo #230


1. Paint your Biscuits brown on both sides and allow to FULLY dry

2. Spread Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive over the front side of the biscuits and sprinkle your Art Glitter on to it.

I used : Halo #230, Copper Harbor # 231, and Brown #58

3. Once the glitter has dried completely you can arrange the biscuits into a turkey feather pattern. Hot Glue to keep them together.

4. Hot Glue your spoon to the feathers

5. Paint a turkey face on the spoon.

6. Use a Sharpie marker to add details.

7. Add the Gobbler by making the gobbler shape out of Art Glitter Dries Clear Adhesive...

...And Adding Cranberry #119 Art Glitter.

It makes a really cute addition to a fall arrangement!