Monday, August 5, 2013

Vintage Feel Card


Step 1
Heather started by applying the Designer Dries clear glue with an old brush to the "Want to Scrap,"  "Style A chipboard embellishment."  

Step 2
Heather applied #226 Lily of the Valley Art Glitter to the piece.  She wanted the piece to have a "Vintage look" so she did not paint the piece first and the glitter applied was transparent, letting the chipboard show through.  

Step 3
Heather placed a few of the "Want to Scrap" Lavender pearls onto the glitter covered chipboard piece.  The pearls have an adhesive already on the back of them, but Heather used the Designer glue to adhere them to the glittered surface.  Next she used the 
Ultra fine Metal Tip
 and the Designer dries clear glue to add some decoration to the chipboard piece.  She applied #284 French Lilac to these areas.  She then applied more glue with the tip.

Step 4
Heather applied #115 Heather Glitter to these areas.  You can see below how the glitter and pearls add another dimension to the already lovely chipboard piece.  

Step 5
Heather used candi fix it foam pads on the back of the chipboard piece to elevate the piece.   

Step 6
Heather used the Perfect Layers Ruler with assorted pieces of Scrapbook paper to create all the layers of her card.  Each layer was held together with Art Glitter Sticky tape.
   The finished layered piece was then adhered to the ivory card stock base using the Art Glitter Sticky tape.
   Each layer was distressed with a kraft knife, and edges inked with Ranger's Vintage Photo distress ink using a foam applicator.  After her layers were together, she added two of the "Black Nestabling Frames" from Want to Scrap on the card.  They give a Great Vintage feel to the card! Please refer to photo below for placement.

Step 7
Heather then placed the "Style A Chipboard" piece to the card and added a few more of the "Want to Scrap" Lavender self adhesive pearls" to one of the paper layers.  The self adhesive worked wonderfully on the paper surface.  Please refer to photo below for placement.

Step 8
Heather then added Art Glitter Sticky tape
 to the back of her tiny sentiment text box (which was inked with Ranger's vintage photo distress inks).  More of the self adhesive "Lavender Pearls" from "Want to Scrap"  were adhered to her project, here is a close up of the pearls and part of the "Nestabling."

Step 9
Heather used the Ultra fine Metal Tip and Designer's Dry Clear glue to add some decorative strokes next to the Lavender Pearls, polka dots of glue to the edges of one of the paper layers, and outlined the outer edges of card.  Heather applied the #115 Heather glitter to the comma strokes next to pearls, #317 Dew Drops was added to the polka dots of glue, and #79 Black glitter was applied to the outer edges of card. 

Step 10
Next she attached the sentiment text box using Art Glitter Sticky tape  She also used the Ultra fine Metal Tip and the Designer dries clear glue to  add some more polka dots to one of the other layers and started adding glue to the focal image.  She used the #79 Black Glitter on the polka dots, and #284 French Lilac on the purple lilacs.  Please refer to photo below for placement.  

Step 11
 Designer Dries Clear Glue and the Ultra fine Metal Tip were used to add more glue to the focal image.  # 295 Ensalda glitter was added to the leaves, # 28 Twilight glitter was applied to the bows, and #364 Dreams glitter was applied to the bluish lilacs. 

Finished Piece
 Here is Heather's lovely Vintage Card below.

Close up of the "Style A" chipboard embellishment from "Scrap That" with Art Glitter and "Lavender Pearls."

Close up of the "Black Nestabling" and more of the "Lavender Self adhesive pearls" from "Want to Scrap."

What a Gorgeous Vintage Combination of Glitters, Pearls and Nestabling!!  

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed Heather's Tutorial  using Art Glitter and "Want to Scrap" embellishments!
Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects using Art Glitter on her blog.

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  1. Lovely card - all the different shades of purple look wonderful. I like how you created the vintage look by just adding the glitter to the chipboard without a base coat.