Friday, January 10, 2014

Think Spring!

Heather decided she would like to share with you a bit of spring!!  Yes it is still snowing and freezing cold in Michigan, and Heather is already eager for spring!!  So if you live in her neck of the woods or are lucky enough to live somewhere that you don't know the meaning of "snirt"  (the yucky mix of slushy snow and dirt), hopefully you will enjoy this easy to make darling little posey, that you can add to your cards, fridge or jars to give them a little sparkle.
You will need the following:

Here is a look at the supplies!
Here is Heather's step by step tutorial so you can create some Posies of your own.  Feel free to choose your own colors!  These are great, because no matter what you favorite colors can use them!!  
Step 1
Heather used scrap pieces of corrugated cardboard from some left over Christmas delivery boxes.
If you are not much into drawing, you can trace a circle on the cardboard, then slightly offset it to create the simple three petals.  You could even just trace a smaller circle for the center, that would work too!!  Think of the leaves as drawing a fat letter "V" or "U."  Have two that slightly overlap.
Step 2
Super easy Posy!  
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
 Step 6
Steps 7 & 8
Steps 9 & 10
Step 11
The great thing about corrugated cardboard is the layers, and you can just slide your hanger into one of the grooves!
Step 12
Heather loves the artsy look of the edges, since they are are corrugated and not solid!
Step 13
Here is a close up of one, so you can see how it looks on the sides.
Here is a picture of all three.
If you are wondering what Heather did to the backs?  She just painted them, and left them as is.  If you were going to hang it where you would see the back, then she recommends glittering the back as well.
Heather hopes you enjoyed her tutorial, and hopes it adds a little Sparkle to your day!

Here is a special 
New Year Tussie Mussie

 and Platinum Art glitter 
Heather outlined the edges of her tussie mussie, focal and rose petals with Designer dries clear glue.  She then applied the Platinum Glitter.  It really makes the the tussie mussie feel
New Year's Eve Sparkly!
Here are a few close ups
Another view
If you would like, you can see more photos and Heather's Tutorial on her blog post here.

How about a Pink Heart Shaped Cone /Tussie mussie for Valentine's Day??
Heather used the Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue & Ultra fine Metal Tip to apply dots of glue around the focal edge and then added #287 Arbor Glitter.  
Heather also added the  #287 Arbor Glitter to her text boxes below.  She used the glue to add dots to her raised heart and applied #267 Cheeky Pink Art Glitter.  She outline the heart shaped cone base with glue and used #160 Rose Gold.  
These glitters give her heart cone a soft vintage romantic feel!

One last extra project that Heather would like to share.
Vintage Christmas Tag.
Isn't it Sparkly!!
Here is a close up of the poinsettia.
Heather used #162 Just Peachy, and #142 Coral Reef on the poinsettia petals.  #295 Ensalada was used on the leaves!  
Here is a look of the back of the tag.
You can see the rest of the details on Heather's Blog Post here.

Heather hopes that you have a Sparkly New Year!!
Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects and Tutorials using Art Glitter on her blog.
and her 

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