Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Celebrate In Style With Art Glitter

Well, the New Year is in full swing, and the parties are still going! Today I wanted to share with you something that will help you decorate and dress up your New Year's parties. (and you can put away those wine tags, that you never remember where you put them)

Art Glitter
Glittered Stem Wine Glasses!

Products used:
A set of wine glasses. A pack of 12 is what I got. 

Clear Acrylic Spray Paint

I completed the entire set in less than an hour, minus the finish spray, so it was super simple to do.

1. Take a glass. Paint Designer Dries Clear Adhesive on the the base and stem of the glass. A thin coat should work just fine, be sure to coat every part you want covered with the adhesive. 

2. Sprinkle on one of your glitter choices. (Shown in #335 SunRay)

Art Glitter

3. Shake off glitter, and let dry.

 4. Repeat until all of your glasses and glitter colors are used!

After they are all dry, coat the base and stem ONLY with the clear acrylic spray paint (you might have to tape them off). This will make them able to be hand washed and prevent sweaty hands from getting glitter on them! :)

You could do this to any type of stemmed glassware: Martini glasses, Margarita, Champagne flutes, you name it. The colors are completely up to you as well. Can you imagine all the glasses in different blues? silvers? pinks and purples? Themed for each holiday? I love things with endless possibilities!

 Now be sure stop by my blog, one.heart.scrapper. for some more glitter inspiration today!




  1. These glittered glasses are so elegant. What a fun way to serve guests. I think they would remember the color of their glass better than a dangling wine charm!

  2. These are very cool! What a great party idea!

  3. I'm making these for my girl's night out party... My girlfriend's are going to go crazy when they see them... I'm going to make them using their favorite color... This is going to be super awesome.. Thanks so much for the idea!!

  4. These are very cool... I'll be making these for my girl's night out party... My girlfriend's are going to love them! I'll be using their favorite colors as a take home keepsake from the party. What a wonderful idea thank you for sharing it with us!