Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glittering Candy Jars

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for an easy-peasy craft, I think I have something for you. These are two recycled little jars with lids that I dug out of my recycle bin and ran through the dishwasher. I love using corrugated cardboard so decided to make jar wraps and some more those adorable little hearts to use for this project. I started with a square of corrugated cardboard cut from a plain old box I found in the garage. Cut two strips using a metal-edge ruler and craft knife. Die cut two hearts from the cardboard as well. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Valentine_Candy_Jars_Photo_2 Spritz the strips and hearts with water and let set for a minute or two. This softens the top layer and makes it easier to peel it off, exposing the corrugated board beneath. Do this to all four pieces. Lay them all out on a non-stick craft sheet and haphazardly paint them with gesso - leaving a lot of the cardboard exposed; set aside and let dry (it doesn't take too long). Paint both lids as well. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Valentine_Candy_Jars_photo_1 When dry, lightly spritz the back side and wrap around the jars and secure with a rubberband. This helps to make the stiff board conform to the roundness of the jars. Let this set for a few minutes then remove the rubberbands and take the strips from the jars. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Valentine_Candy_Jars_Photo_4 Pour some Designer Dries Clear onto a palette and use a wide paint brush to randomly brush some glue onto one of the strips. Sprinkle with Tea Rose 11 Ultra Fine Opaque glitter onto the glued areas and tap off excess and return to jar. Use the brush to add more DDC onto some of the open areas on the strip then sprinkle with Antique Silver Fine 611 Vintage Glass Glitter; tap off excess and return to jar. Do this to both strips. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Valentine_Candy_Jars_Photo_3 Brush DDC over the hearts (do one at a time) and sprinkle on Briar Rose 923 Vintage Glass Shards; tap off excess and return to jar. Brush DDC on the lids (one at a time) and sprinkle with the Tea Rose glitter. Set all pieces aside to dry thoroughly. Art_Glitter_Linda_Neff_Valentine_Candy_Jars_Photo_5 In the meantime, print 'Be my Valentine' and 'Be mine' onto white cardstock, trim out and ink edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Now, it's time for assembly. I run a strip of repositionable adhesive down the inside of the glittered strips before wrapping around the jars. Add a few small dabs of DDC to the strips where the hearts will sit (where the two end meet) and a few dots on the back of the hearts and press into place; hold for a few seconds for glue to set then carefully wrap with the rubberband to hold it in place till thoroughly dry. When dry, remove the rubberbands and fill with some delicious Valentine candies - then save your diet and give it away! Valentine Glitter Candy Jars If you like this project, hop on over to my blog and take a look at a cute little Valentine gift box I made in under two hours!


  1. I really love these. Wish I could do more crafting but can't sit for long-or walk too far either! LOL! You always do such beautiful work, Linda.