Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fairy Princess Makeover

Art Glitter Designer, Lynette Daniel made this sweet girl's wish come true by becoming a beautiful fairy princess for the day. Here is a before picture of Miss Allyson Murray (age 12) getting ready to be transformed. 
Lynette wanted to make sure that the "face painting" was safe for Allyson's sensitive skin, could stay on all day, but easily washed off with a baby wipe or wash cloth. No adhesive could be used, therefore Lynette took a palette of watercolors and mixed a coordinating Art Glitter color with the non toxic paint and literally painted her face with a soft horse hair paint brush.  
Lynette starts by mixing Rain Forest #167 into the green watercolor and swiping a flourish across Allyson's face. Next Lynette fills in her eye area with a white watercolor mixed with Crystal #85. She starts to build a winged mask effect from the bridge of her nose to her temple and then following down past the cheek bone to accent her heart shaped face.

Next Lynette continues to follow the curves of Allyson's face and add a fresh tint of Lime Rind #280 to the green watercolor building each layer to blend with the next. Lynette chose #178 Duck Tail for an exciting pop of "bling in spring" Last, Lynette applied black liquid eyeliner and mascara on Allyson for definition. 

To be complete, Lynette French coiffed Allyson's hair and coordinate a crown of spring flowers with a touch of Lime Rind #280 on the sprigs and tucked into each twist of her braid. Then Lynette took many shades of sweet May Arts ribbons that matched the Art Glitter tones and fashioned a whispy fairytale bow and attached to hide the rubber band. 
After the final touches of fairy princess pampering, Miss Allyson felt like her feet were 10 feet off the ground. 

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  1. This is so cute. And seems pretty easy!
    How well does the product come off the skin? Is there any warnings or directions for skin irritation?

  2. Thank you for the compliment. The only thing I would be careful of Casey, is getting the glitter in eyes.
    When you mix the glitter and paint together prior to applying on the skin- the two dry together and isn't "loose." Also, the "paint" is non toxic water color and washes off instantly with mild soap/cloth or even easier, use a baby wipe to clean the skin. :)