Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Butterflies and Blossoms Greeting Card

Supply List:
      Razzle Dazzle Basic Kit by Art Glitter: Flamingo Pink, Cheeky Pink and Astro Turf and Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (DDCA)
      Spoon Man!  Spoons
      Paint Brush
      Dry Adhesive (a tape runner)
     12" x 6" brown card stock folded in half to create a 6" x 6" card
     5 1/2" x 5 1/2" vintage flower patterned paper (Madeline by Prima)
     4 1/2" x 4 1/2" brown card stock for mat
     4" x 4" white card stock
     Tea Dye Distress Ink Pad
      Ink Tool
     4 roses or flowers (Prima)
     Butterfly Punch (Martha Stewart)
     Chipboard Scroll (Tim Holtz)
     Prepare the card base by adhering the patterned paper and the brown mat paper to the card base using a dry adhesive such as a tape runner. 
     Ink the edges of the white card stock using the distress ink pad and ink tool.  Adhere it to the card base.  Punch 2 butterflies from the white card stock and lay them aside.
      Using the paint brush add the DDCA to small sections of the chipboard scroll and sprinkle the Astro Turf Glitter over the glue.  Let sit several seconds to allow to adhere and then shake off the excess.  Continue to work in small sections until the entire scroll is covered and allow to sit and dry completely.  If there are areas that need a little touch up use the edge of the paint brush to dab a little glue into the area and add more glitter.  

Add a line of DDCA down the center of the butterfly and sprinkle some of the Black Wing Microfine Opaque Glitter using one of the Spoon Man! spoons.  Tap off excess glitter back into the jar. 

Pour a small amount of the DDCA onto your work surface and using the paint brush spread a small amount of the adhesive on a small area of one of the butterfly wings.  Lightly sprinkle some of the glitter (either the Flamingo Pink or Cheeky Pink) onto the adhesive and allow to sit for just a minute to adhere securely.  Sprinkle off the excess and continue to work until the entire butterfly is completed.  Do the second butterfly in the same manner with the second choice of glitter.  Allow them to completely dry.  If an area is not completely covered carefully add more adhesive and glitter.  It is also okay to allow some areas to show through which will add a little pattern to the butterfly wing.  NOTE:  You will want to spread the adhesive on carefully with the paint brush so not to tear the paper butterfly. 
Add a little of the DDCA to the bottom of each butterfly to adhere them onto the card.  Also, add some to the scroll and add it to the corner.  Place the flowers the corner and on the scroll as shown and your card is now finished.  

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