Friday, February 21, 2014

Art Glitter Hair Clip

Supply List
Art Glitter 280 Lime Rind Ultrafine Opaque glitter
Art Glitter 150 Poison Ivy Ultrafine Opaque glitter
Art Glitter 297 Hibiscus Ultrafine Transparent glitter
Art Glitter 304 Petal Pink Ultrafine transparent glitter
Art Glitter Dries Clear Glue
Art Glitter Ultra Fine Tip
Art Glitter Sticky Paper
The Robin's Nest Metallic Red Dew Drops
Darice Barrette
Bridal Ribbon Hobby Lobby
Plastic packaging
Creative Memories Leaf Punch
Hot Glue gun

One of the things Clare loves about Art Glitter is the range of colors!  She knows she can find a color glitter to match any project she is working on!  This will come in handy with wedding season approaching.  Clare used the perfect color Art Glitter to make beautiful barrettes for the flower girl. 
She started by covering a Darcy barrette with ribbon, gluing it in place with a hot glue gun.  Clare likes to use a low temp glue gun to avoid burns!  She then punched some leaves in Art Glitter Sticky paper.  She peeled off the protective layer first.   Clare finds it easy to just dip the leaf in the glitter on the side of the leaf in the light color green. 

Here Clare used 280 Lime Rind Ultrafine Opaque.  She then dipped the same leaf in the darker color green to cover the center of the leaf, this is 150 Poison Ivy. 

Once the leaves were made, she glued them on top of the ribbon on the barrette. 
For the flower, Clare cut a rolled rose using a Sizzix die and some plastic packaging from a embossing folder she bought:  reduce, reuse, recycle!  She has even used the plastic lid to the salad packaging from the grocery store to make flowers!  You can find more photos of the packaging flowers here.   While the rose was still flat, she covered the center of each petal using 297 Hibiscus Ultrafine Transparent glitter and the ultrafine glue tip, and Art Glitter Dries Clear glue. 
She made a second row of color, again using the ultrafine tip and 304 Petal Pink Ultrafine transparent glitter. 

Once these had dried completely, Clare rolled the rose and glued it at the center using a glue gun.  For the flower center she glued a dew drop from The Robin's Nest.  She gently bent the petals once the glue had dried completely.  She then attached the flower to the barrette on top of the leaves.  

To see more of Clare's work you can visit her blog at

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