Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kiss Me Whether I'm Irish or not- Canvas

8 x 10 Canvas
Acrylic Paint
Vinyl cut with St Pattie's day word art
Art Glitter Dries clear Adhesive
Art Glitter Inca Gold Glitter
Paint Brush

Begin by painting an 8 x 10 canvas green with acrylic paint.

This is the vinyl word art I used for the canvas.  I purchased the file in the SIL store, and adjusted the size to fit the canvas.  It was cut using my silhouette cameo.
Apply the vinyl to the canvas.
Apply Art Glitter dies clear adhesive to select elements on the canvas.  I added dots and glittered the heart and the word "gold" 

Apply the glitter while the adhesive is still wet.  Please note that the adhesive will take longer to dry on the vinyl than it does on paper or the canvas.  You may want to let it set overnight before brushing off excess glitter.
Shake off excess glitter.  I like to use a soft brush (make up brush) to gently brush off the excess after removing the vast majority.
Thanks for stopping by to see my creations.
Missie Todd

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