Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Glitter Flag

Heather's Project
Americana Roses

Heather decided she would like to share with you a tiny Vintage Americana Folk Art Inspired Canvas!! You will need the following:
Step One
I spread the modge podge over my entire canvas.  I wanted an antique look so I used the Antique modge podge, but you could use the Art Glitter Designer dries clear Glue in the same manner.
Step Two
Place your book page over your canvas and smooth out.  Tear off the excess edges.  You can smooth the edges over to the sides as well.  The excess will be sanded off when you are finished with your piece.
Step Three
Heather used her drawing as a reference when drawing onto her canvas.  You could use some graphite paper, place it on the canvas shiny side down, then put drawing on top, use a stylus to transfer your lines to your canvas.
Step Four
Heather used a flat brush to paint the cream stripes, then the red ones.
Step Five
Heather Free hand painted a vintage white star.
Step Six
Heather used a Round and flat brush to paint her leaves.  She watered down her paint so that the coverage would not be opaque, letting some of the book page showing through.  She sketched in a circle for the rose.
Step Seven
Heather decided she wanted some more leaves, that would wrap around the edges of the canvas.  Leaves were base coated with Classic Green.
Step Eight
Heather used the baby pink and a flat brush to paint a messy circle and used a round brush to create the basecoat for some rosebuds.  She also cut out some words from another book page and glued them down to the white stripes of the flag.  Heather also cut out words and placed them along the canvas edges too.  She then put a coat of antique Mod Podge
Step Nine 
Heather filled in the blue part of the flag, again watering down her acrylic paint.
Step Ten
Heather used her Angle Shader brush and applied red lipstick paint to the messy circle to create the rose beginning and to shade the rose buds.  She did a brush mix of the old ivy & burnt umber to shade the leaves .  She also used her Angle Shader with burnt umber to shade around all the leaves, and around the edges of the star and stripes.
Step Eleven
Heather used her round brush and brush mix of Fresh Foliage & Moon Yellow to highlight tips of leaves and create leaves for the rose buds.  She used her Angle shader with a brush mix of pink & white to create the rose.  When the paint was dry she applied some Designer dries clear glue randomly to the white stripes and star and applied Fauna Glitter. 
Step Twelve  
Heather did the same technique to the leaves applying Celery glitter, the blue she applied Dusty Blue Glitter, and Cheeky pink was added to the rose.
Finished Piece
Heather is really happy with how it turned out!!
A couple close ups
You can see below how Heather continued the painting onto the edges of her canvas.
Another Close up
One more close up
Heather hopes you enjoyed her tutorial, and hopes it adds a little Sparkle to your day!

Feel free to stop by and see Heather's other projects and Tutorials using Art Glitter on her blog.
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