Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fantasy Film Party Curls by Emily M. Miller

Oh this is so fun and easy, you’ll love it. Use these Fantasy Film Party Curls for any occasion; even all year round in a window would be lovely!

Fantasy Film, any color: 12” x 4”
Designer Dries Clear with Metal Tip attached
Art Glitter Gala Glitz: any color
Iron set to med-high heat
Baker’s Parchment Paper
1/4" Hole Punch
Wire or string to hang

Fold Fantasy Film to 4” x 4”, cover with parchment paper and iron for 2 –3 seconds. I like to crinkle the film in my hand before ironing. Squish it into as small of a ball as you can, then smooth out, fold to size and iron as usual.

Draw squiggly glue lines all around square. Spoon on Gala Glitz.

Before tapping off excess push glitz into glue with back of spoon. Set aside to dry then glitter other side. Or if you're just too impatient (like me!) and you don’t want to wait for it to dry, turn film square over and glitter with another color of Gala Glitz right away. If you press lightly it really doesn’t matter if the other side is dry yet. Let both sides dry completely, about 1/2 hour.

Round 3 corners. Starting with remaining corner cut approx. a 1/4" wide strip, turning, angling towards center in a spiral pattern until the center is reached. Don’t worry if your width varies a little, once stretched out it isn’t noticeable.

Punch a hole at top of starting point and round off edges. Add a ribbon.

Hang anywhere!

This middle one is longer because I cut the spiral width smaller.
-Make longer or shorter curls. The width of your spiral determines the length of the curl. The skinnier the width, the longer the curl.

-Cut in different shapes i.e. oval, square, rectangle. Again, don’t worry if you make a little mistake here or there, once stretched out it isn’t noticeable.

- This is also a perfect project to use up film left overs. Start with one 4” x 4” sheet and cover with scraps, iron as usual. If scraps are thick you may need a longer dwell time.

-Hang some Fantasy Fiber from the bottom. Take a small bunch of Fantasy Fiber and loop around end of curl. Place parchment paper on top, smooth tip of iron over curl end until attached. Fluff fiber.

-Attach a stamped film image to the bottom. Make a small stamped film imprint by following these directions: Glue to the bottom of curl. Dry and hang.

Have a Fantastically Wonderful New Year!!!