Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joy Fantasy Film and Fiber Card by Emily M. Miller

Here’s a card I literally threw together as fast as I could! I just started making this paper with colored ink sprays with a technique Barbara Trombley developed and I went a little crazy! It also employs one of my favorite ways of stamping with Fantasy Film and Fiber where you don’t need to use very much fiber. Making the paper does take a little bit more time, and is on the messy side, but I welcome messy! It’s also a great way to use up some not so desirable paper you have laying around. And it’s fun! However, if creating a small mess makes you queasy, all you need is some appropriate decorative cardstock to make this fast and easy!

Fantasy Film
Fantasy Fiber
Rubberstamp: ‘Joy’ or any suitable words
Permanent Inkpad: Black
Iron set to Med-High
Parchment paper
Polyester Lace: poinsettia pattern
Plain Cardstock: 8.5” x 11”
Memory Mists by Superior: Whipped Cream (white), Margarita (green-yellow), Green Tea (dark green), Iced Coffee (earthy red)
Matboard and newspaper to cover surfaces affected by sprays
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Silver Metallic Marker

Prepare your spray area (approx 30 square inches). Drape several pieces of newspaper over area and place matboard in center. You could also use a whole section of newspaper for your center area, (a place for the ink to saturate).

Set one piece of paper in middle of matboard and cover it with lace. I have 3 pieces of lace that are about 5” x 7”, so I just laid them next to each other covering paper. If you have dark cardstock, pick a light ink first and spray over lace. Spray again with another color, then before you take the lace off, set another clean piece of paper on top of ink saturated lace and press down for a few seconds then remove. This piece can be used for the inside of your card.

Remove lace and spray a couple more colors over pattern, same colors or new ones, this will be the outside. Set aside to dry. Spray over inside paper pattern a couple more times too. While these are drying make another set of inside and outside papers and set aside.

Now go back to the 1st set you made and spray the other sides. This time lay the lace on the clean side of the inside paper you made, spray then cover saturated lace with clean side of outside paper! I hope that’s not too confusing! Continue making paper until you have enough. Your area becomes too saturated after about 8 or 10 sheets, so you’ll need to clean up a bit in between if you plan to make more than that. Having a wet paper towel (or two) near by is handy too!

Wash lace out with ‘Goop’ or just dish soap. It doesn’t matter if it has dyed, you can still use it for more paper or glitter lace paper!

Set rubberstamp on table rubber side up. Ink with black inkpad. Cover inked stamp with a slightly thin layer of Fantasy Fiber (a lighter color seems to work best) just until surface is covered. Place two sheets of Fantasy Film, cut just long enough to cover image, on top of fiber in an ‘X’. Cover film with parchment paper and iron for 3 to 4 seconds until image shows through parchment. Peal off stamp.

Once paper is completely dry, cut in half to make two 4.25” x 5.5” pieces. Fold in half and glue stamped image to center of card. Write your greeting inside with silver pen.

These two examples actually have the outside pattern on both sides, but it still works!

Change the stamp and lace pattern for any kind of card! Enjoy!!!


  1. Emily,
    Clever, Clever and CLEVER! Love this technique and the cards are gorgeous!

  2. When I received your card in the mail, I wondered how you created it. It's even prettier in person! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the lovely card Emily.....it is gorgeous!

    Love, Violette