Friday, September 23, 2011

Steampunk Glass Shards Pendant by Lori Mendenhall

When I got my hands on my first jar of glass shard glitter I knew I had to own every color! I love the chunky, yet refined sparkly look it gives my projects. My favorite thing to do with the glass shards is to encase them in resin.

The steampunk look is still in – especially pieces using gears. The large gear, along with the unique glass shards, gives this design its edgy flavor.

Here is how I made this piece:

1. Fill a pendant blank with glass shard glitter. Shown is Art Glitter Vintage Glass Glitter in Amber, #908.

2. Carefully encase the glitter with resin. When the resin sets up a bit, place the large gear on top. This gear is from Ranger’s Tim Holtz Ideology line.

3. Place a flatback Swarovski crystal in the center of the gear where the little hole is. Be cautious not to get resin on top of the crystal or it will ruin the reflection of the crystal.

4. Be sure to check back after a few hours to make sure nothing has shifted. If it has, use a toothpick to nudge it back into place.  Set aside to cure for at least 24 hours.
5. Once the pendant is completely cured, create a cute accent dangle. This is simply a pearl on a brass headpin. I like a simple dangle here so as to not detract from the focal point.

Note, I received free product in exchange for this article. However, I’ve been using Art Glitter products for years and love them!

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