Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sparkle Heart Necklaces by Cassandra Midkiff

My daughter is having a birthday tea party and I have been trying to come up with special things to put into favor bags besides overdosing them on sugar. I’ve come up with these very simple but cute heart necklaces. I picked up some 1” glass charms from Wal-Mart for a few dollars.

I took one of the glass pieces and traced out squares of scrapbook paper.  Then I traced out some hearts in pencil and filled them in with my Designer Dries Clear adhesive.  Next I sprinkled on my Art Glitter! I used mostly Ultrafine Opaque and Ultrafine Transparent glitters in shades like #14 Lavender,  #144 Miss Muffet, #98 Amethyst, #202 Pansy,  #87 Hot Kiss,  #16 Blackberry, Ultrafine Hologram #247 Moulin Rouge, and many more.

Once they were dry I put the glass over them and slid them back into the charm pieces then strung them on some ball chain necklaces. I may end up adding some Glass Beads as well.  These would make easy and sweet Valentines gifts too!


  1. This is so nice and simple Cassandra, you can really whip up a number of them in minutes. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure the tea party will be a big hit!

    Your model is stunning!

  2. Those are darling! Your model is beautiful!