Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dreamweaver and Art Glitter Cross Promotion by Laura

Welcome to the Art Glitter/Dreamweaver Stencil Cross Promotion Month. We have paired up with this wonderful company to show you how our glitter can be used with their beautiful and detailed stencils. All of our designers will be using the Double Glitter Technique! Make sure and check out Dreamweaver Designers every Thursday!

You can find all their designers at http://dreamweaverstencils.blogspot.com/
Make sure and play along all month with this fun challenge. LINK to the Dreamweaver site to be eligible for 1 of 4 prize packages featuring stencils and glitter! You may even get your creation featured on Art Glitters Blog!
We hope everyone will play along with this fun challenge. If you don't know how to do the Double Glitter Technique please head over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Foyo09lKpw4 to see Lynell Harlow demonstrate.

Also for the month of June, Art Glitter is selling 1 oz jars of glitter for $5.98 regular price $7.32! I hope that even if you don't play along with the challenge, you will take advantage of the great price of glitter in June! http://artglitter.com/
So, here is my post:
First, let me get one thing straight: I love all Art Institute Glitter. From hologram to transparent, and microfine to vintage glass shards, I think it is all wonderful. I do believe, however, that every job requires the right glitter choices. With all of the fantastic glitter choices, it is hard to decide what the right glitter is. Today, I am going to discuss microfine versus ultrafine.
So, here I have two very similar wedding cards (following this month's challenge theme). I used the LJ 907 Damask Stencil and the LS 22 Congratulations Stencils. They were both done using the exact same Double Glitter Technique on the same Dreamweaver Double Sided Adhesive Paper and with the same cardstock on the background. The clear glitter I used was also the same: Ultrafine Transparent #85 Crystal. The major difference is in the purple color. For the card on the left, I used Microfine Opaque #527 New Wine. The card on the right had Ultrafine Opaque #356 Grape Nectar. I tried for the same colors, and, indeed, in the containers they look almost identical. I had forgotten, however, about one of the important features of the microfine glitters. They are more finely ground (hence the higher price), and have a difference in the reflective surfaces. They are a little more subdued (almost vintage) and photograph much darker than the coarser ultrafine glitter. So, in all of these pictures, the microfine will appear darker than the ultrafine. Have you noticed the other major difference yet? If not, perhaps the next picture will help.
Here is a closeup of the two different cards. Can you see all the details? The damask stencil has tons of detail. The image on the left, done in ultrafine, shows quite a bit of it. The image on the right is made with the microfine. Can you see how crisp the edges are? That is the microfine difference.
Here is the detail on the words. Can you tell which one was made with the microfine glitter? That is right, the bottom one. It has much crisper edges and better detail.
Back to my original question: Why use microfine? It is much finer ground (make sure to rub it in with your fingers to get complete coverage). When you need crisp details or a lovely, vintage look, microfine is the right choice in glitter.
Come see another creation on my blog!


  1. these are so elegant, hugs

  2. Beautiful cards! I love the microfine glitters - my favs!

  3. Great glitter lesson, Laura!I learned so much from it. Both cards are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful cards Laura! Yes that microfine glitter is gorgeous with these detailed stencils, well really with anything!

  5. Thank you Laura for the education! I didn't realize the difference between the two glitters.

  6. I'm like you I love all of Art Glitters products! Thanks for sharing the difference. I do however like the extra sparkle you get from the ultrafine...every project is different huh?