Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Post of July From Laura

I have been playing with different types of glitters lately to try and explain the differences between them and give you an idea of how you might use each type of glitter. Today's post uses one of my ultimate favorites: Hologram Glitter. Hologram glitter is very shiny, which appeals to the magpie in me. It shimmers with a variety of colors, but is not available in either Microfine nor Transparent. Is is only available in Chunky Opaque and Ultrafine Opaque.

For this card, I used another Dreamweaver Stencil. This one was LG 730 Peacock. I soaped up the back of it, brushed off the hanging soap bits and placed the soapy side on double sided adhesive paper. Once the stencil was in place, I covered the peacock with some paper and poured a little Ultrafine Transparent 207 Spring Creek into the flourish areas. I rubbed it in with my fingers and brushed the extra off. A tiny bit fell into the peacock area, but I was okay with that, because peacocks have both green and blue feathers. I then uncovered the peacock and put small Want 2 Scrap rhinestones in the eye hole and in the "eye" of all the feathers.
I had every intention of coloring them black with my Copic marker, but I liked the clear rhinestone look when I finished.
Then, I place a very small amount of Ultrafine 66 Opaque Yellow in the peacock beak. When I was ready for the blue, I started with the Chunky Opaque Hologram 328 Cairo. I pushed it into the stencil and brushed off the excess.
Why the chunky first? Well, when the chunky glitter is attached to the adhesive, there are lots of gaps around it to be filled with the ultrafine. I filled these gaps with the Ultrafine Opaque 329 Egyptian Blue. (I love the way Art Glitter names their colors. Many "families" have similar names.) After I brushed off the excess of the Ultrafine, I added one more layer. I put Microfine Bavarian Forest 514 on the stencil, and pushed it into the wells to make the edges look a little sharper. (Using it on the Transparent glitter made the color a little more intense.) I brushed the whole peacock off very well. Then, I carefully removed the paper from the stencil. I poured Ultrafine Transparent 85 Crystal over the background and brushed the excess off.
After I was done, I decided that the crown of the peacock needed a little extra sparkle. I used Art Institute Dries Clear with my fine tip to apply a little glue for my Want 2 Scrap rhinestones to stick to the glitter better. That was it! I had some great fun making this Hologram card. I hope you get inspired to make something like it yourself. Keep sparkling on!

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