For some time, I have chosen to showcase various types of glitter in each of my card posts. For this post, I am using a variety of glitter on one card.
Here is what I used:
White Cardstock
Blue Cardstock
3D Dots
To create this card, I used the Dreamweaver Double Glitter Technique. I soaped up the back of the stencils, brushed off the "chads" of soap, and placed them soap side down on the mounting paper (cut to the size of the stencil). For the background, I used 145 Blue Boy, 270 Chesapeake, 172 Calypso and 32 True Blue. I place a little of each color at various spots around the stencil, and then used my finger to push them towards each other and blend them. I used just a very little of each color because a little goes a long way. I used the least of Blue Boy, because I knew I was using it on the background as well. The three transparent colors blended the best. I had only one opaque color, so I was a little more generous with that color. After I pushed the colors towards each other and into the wells, I brushed off all the excess glitter and carefully removed the paper from the stencil. Then, I covered it with the Ultrafine Transparent 145 Blue boy and brushed off the extra. You can see in the picture how the background fades in and out. This is because I used transparent colors as well at the opaque, including the color I used for the "mortar".
The first thing that I did on the gecko was place small rhinestones in the eyes. I put them right into the stencil wells and attached them to the adhesive. For the gecko body, I used the Dazzler colors October and Roman Coin. I put a little of each on the gecko and pressed them into the wells firmly. I brushed off the excess. Because the Dazzlers have such large pieces, there is plenty of room all around for more glitter. I used Microfine 500 Ruby Red to fill in these gaps. It created a sharp look around the edges of the image as well. I made sure to rub it well onto the mounting paper and brush the excess off just as well. Then, I carefully removed the adhesive paper from the stencil, starting in the eye area and being especially careful around the rhinestones. Then, I covered it with Ultrafine Crystal 85. I peeled off the backing and attached it to the white cardstock before trimming around the gecko.
I think the rest of the card assembly is self explanatory. The finished card has a very bright gecko with a much more subtle background. It was all by design and careful use of just the right types of Art Glitter.
Sparkle On!