Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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I am the only girl in the house and sometimes it fun just to create something that's says girly girl.  This project is a great piece to hang in any craft room or anywhere a girl just wants to have fun.  This month, Art Glitter teamed up with the wonderful Penny Black Stamps to tell everyone we just want to have fun!  
Supplies Needed:
     From Art Glitter
            Lemone Ultrafine Transparent
            Fresh Green Ultrafine Transparent
            Atlantis Ultrafine Transparent
            Crystal Ultrafine Transparent
            Jet Eye Chunky Opaque
            Razzle Dazzle Kit-
            Ink Pad-
     From Penny Black
             Tour de Fun Stamp

    Additional Items:
             Small and Medium Paint Brush, Blue and Green Ink Pads, Inking Tool (optional) Wooden Paintable Frame, Acrylic Paint-Green or Your choice of color, Ribbon for hanger and bow, colored pencils or markers to color stamped image, alphabet stencil, pencil, white card stock 
Begin by cutting a piece of white card stock to fit into the opening of your wooden frame.  Stamp the image onto the paper using the black ink pad.  Add blue sky and green grass colors around the image using the inking tool or just the ink pads by lightly moving them on the paper and around the image. 
Use the stencil to write in the saying.  Color the image in the areas that you do not want covered with glitter using your choice of markers or colored pencils.  

Using the Designer Dries Clear Glue and the metal tip from the Razzle Dazzle Kit to outline the letters and cover with the Tang glitter from the kit.  Remove the excess glitter and allow to dry completely. 

Working around the parts of the image, add glitter to that hat band and the blades of grass using the Fresh Green Glitter, the bicycle using the Atlantis Glitter, center of the tires and the bike seat using Jet Eye Chunky Glitter, do each flower center and every other stripe on her shirt using the Lemone Glitter.  Remove the excess glitter and allow all of the sections to dry.

Using the small paint brush with a small amount of glue on it lightly dab the glue onto each petal of the flowers and then sprinkle with the Cheeky Pink Glitter from the Razzle Dazzle Kit.  Remove the extra glitter and allow the flowers to dry.  

Set the image aside to completely dry and begin painting the frame with the green acrylic paint.  While the paint is still wet on the front edges lightly sprinkle some of the Crystal Ultrafine Transparent Glitter into the wet paint. 
Once everything has dried add the image into the frame using some of the glue and cut a piece of ribbon to make the hanger for the frame.  Use a separate piece of ribbon to form the bow and glue it to the ribbon after gathering a small section of the hanger to form a small loop at the top as shown in the picture below. 
Now, go have some fun and create one of your own using these fabulous glitters from Art Glitter and this great Penny Black stamp!  

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