Saturday, March 1, 2014

Art Glitter & National Craft Month

I started with a frame from a hobby store and this is how it turned out! What will you do during National Craft Month?

1. I sanded the frame to get the rough areas smooth and more uniform then I painted the frame with metallic acrylic paints and let dry.
2. While the paint was drying I started looking through my paper collection to see what struck my fancy. 
3. I used the wonderful NEW Mixed Media Adhesive by my friend and creative genius Pam Carriker.  This is the best adhesive I have found to work in mixed media.  I started piecing the paper to the frame making sure to cover the areas with the adhesive in between layers.  I LOVE the layered look it created!  Let Dry.
4. Do the same for the back of the frame. As you can see I do a lot of tearing.  Once the piece is completely dry trim the edges.

5. I decided with the bird in the corner on the front that I needed flowing stencils for the design so I chose LJ896 - Flourish & LG713 Small Flourish from Dreamweaver Stencils!  I did the large flourish first in DGWP Glossy White Embossing Paste then used glitter from Art Institutesprinkled over the image while the paste was still wet.  
6. I SHOULD have waited until the corner was dry before attempting to apply paste to the smaller flourish, but I am instant gratification so applied the same paste to the stencil in two areas VERY carefully and sprinkled with two colors of glitter!
7.  I did wipe off the excess paste that sneaked through the stencil on to the frame and set it aside to dry.
8. Once completely dry I sprayed with a coat of clear Krylon paint.

Happy Creating this month and the rest of the year!

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