Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Window Decoration by

Here's a beautiful, unique craft put together for us by our friends at Be sure to check out their wonderful site and sign up for their newsletter!

"We wanted a decoration that could be displayed inside a window every Christmas, and then simply stored away. Dramatic but subtle. Beautiful by day or night. Easy to make. Cheap."

"We began with an old six-paned double-hung window from our local Habitat for Humanity recycling center. $5.00 and the window was ours. You may even have one in your garage.

The rest of the story on this Christmas Window Decoration is on We've provided eight FREE templates and vintage images, ready to print on your home inkjet printer. Of course, we recommend authentic Art Glitter brand Vintage Glass Glitter Shards, because the glitter is far coarser than regular glitter and translucent, which is what you need for the beautifully textured stained glass effect!"


  1. Barbara and Emily: Thanks so much for the opportunity to use Art Glitter Vintage Glass Shards. We're already thinking of more things to do with it!

    Scott & Martin at

  2. Thanks Scott and Martin, I love the idea of having a window dressing I can put up and take down every season! Can't wait to see what else you come up is addictive isn't it!