Friday, December 4, 2009

Festive Christmas Ornaments by Brenda Wampler

These are super easy, and a great stocking stuffer. Also a great TV project and the supplies are inexpensive.

Okay, for supplies, I use microscope slides that I get from work, I work for a doctor part time. A friend works for a vet and she gets hers from there. I only pay about $4 for a box of 72. You can find them online, and there is a link on my blog to American Science and Surplus and they have slides.

You can also purchase the ones made for Ranger in various sizes. They sell them in 1"x1”, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", 2" x 2", and the microscope size 1" x 3". Ranger's have 24 in a pack and cost between $5-$7. You can also purchase an inexpensive glass cutter for under $5 and cut your own glass which you can purchase at Hobby Lobby, or any glass store in your area. You can also purchase cheap frames at the Dollar Store and use that glass and cut it down.

Next thing you need is glitter for the edges. I use the Vintage Glass Glitter Shards by This is the best glitter to use as it will give you a nice chunky look. The adhesive that I use around the edges is Continuous Glue Lines by Glue Dots International. I prefer these best. I have used the Clear Adhesive Lines by Therm O Web, but they seem to have a tacky feel to them for awhile. You can also use the double sided red liner tape, you just won't get as thick of a glittered effect around the edges. You can also use copper tape, or anything else that you would like to seal the edges, it just depends on the look you are wanting.

Other Supplies: Papers, vintage photos, family photos, scrapbook papers, wire - various colors and/or sizes, beads. All of these supplies are up to you and once again the look you are wanting.

Okay, now how to do it!

Cut your paper or images (please don't use original photos!) to sandwich in between two pieces of glass. Remember to put images back to back for the front and back of the charm since these have two sides. Run the glue lines around the edges. Press into glitter. Add hanger by wrapping wire around glass and add beads as you desire. Also, sometimes I add rubons to the top of the glass, and sometimes I highlight certain areas with more Art Glitter.

The possibilities are endless as these can be any size and for any occasion. I give these as small gifts, stocking stuffers, and make various ones to decorate a tree for each holiday...Easter, Fourth of July, etc. 

Have fun, and if any of these instructions are not clear, please email me and I will be happy to respond and help you! Enjoy and let me see some of your creations!



  1. so cute and super easy! thanks for the great idea!

  2. These are great! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How do you wrap the wire around to make a hanger? Do you glue the two slides together or to the paper, or does the glue around the edge hold them together?

  4. In response to the above question about the hanger....Tie the wire tightly around the piece, bringing the two loose pieces of wire together and twisting to create a hook. The glue around the edges will help hold the wire in place.
    If you have any other questions, just yell!
    Brenda Wampler