Monday, July 27, 2009


Art Glitter Ultra Fine Crystal Transparent (or color of your choice) Art Glitter ¼" Sticky Tape
Inexpensive flip flops, gold (or color of your choice)
Aleene’s Paper Glaze
Alcohol swab or rubbing alcohol and cotton ball, small scissors, soft brush, scrap paper or flattened round coffee filter, non-stick surface
Optional: Art Glitter Ultra Fine True Red Opaque (or color of your choice); ⅛" Sticky Tape; two small embellishments (ribbon or crocheted flowers, charms, acrylic jewels, flat-back beads or pearls, etc.)

1. Pre-test the alcohol swab (or cotton ball with a small amount of rubbing alcohol) on the inner side of one strap of the shoe. If the surface of the strap is not affected by the alcohol, wipe off the tops of the straps of each shoe with alcohol. If the strap is affected, wipe off the straps with a damp cloth; allow to dry.
2. Place one end of the Sticky Tape at the base of one strap where it connects to the sole of the shoe; secure the tape on the strap with your index finger. Slowly position the tape along the strap so that one side of the tape is along the outer edge of one strap. Clip the tape at the front tip of the strap (when the divider is). Use your thumb nail to burnish the tape securely on the strap. Repeat for the other strap of that shoe.
3. Position a second strip of tape adjacent to the first on one strap; the two edges of the tape will meet, but will not overlap. Use your thumb nail to burnish that piece of tape securely on the strap. Repeat for the other strap. Remove the pink liner from the strips of tape on both straps. As much as possible, avoid touching the tape with your fingers.
4. Place two tablespoons of the glitter on the scrap paper. Holding the shoe by the slide, push the tape into the glitter. Ensure that all areas of the tape are covered with glitter. Set the shoe aside.
5. Repeat Steps 2, 3 and 4 with the second shoe.
6. Add a quarter-sized amount of Paper Glaze to a non-stick surface. Brush a thin, even coat of the glaze over the glittered straps of ach shoe. Allow to dry overnight; apply a second coat of Paper Glaze to the glitter. Allow to dry for 24 hours before wearing the shoes.

NOTE: If the width of the straps exceed ½”, it will be necessary to add more than two strips of tape to the top of the strap. Add one strip along one edge of the strap; add a second strip along the other edge; remove the red liner form each strip. Add a third strip (either ⅛" or ¼"), between the first and second strips and remove the red liner. Proceed as directed in Steps 4, 5 and 6.

OPTIONS: Use either together or individually

1. Cut four pieces of ⅛" Sticky Tape that are ½” longer than the length of the strap from sole of the shoe to the center tip at the end. Fold over both ends of each strip ¼ " (adhesive will be on the adhesive). Hold onto this folded area when applying glitter to the tape; it also allows for easy removal of the red liner from the tape. Add one teaspoon of True Red to a piece of scrap paper; spread the glitter evenly in a ½ " wide line across the paper. Holding the tape by one end, place it on the glitter. With the strip between your thumb and index finger of your left (right) hand, and your right (left) thumb nail on the red liner, pull the tape through the glitter; ensure that all area of the tape are evenly covered with glitter. Turn the tape over and press the glitter into it to secure the bond. With the red liner still in place, brush one coat of Paper Glaze over the glitter on each strip; allow to dry overnight; apply a second coat of Paper Glaze and allow to dry overnight. Remove the red liner from the glittered tape, clip off the folded ends and position the glittered tape in the center of each strap. If necessary, trim away excess tape at either end; burnish to secure the bond. Do not wear the shoes for 12 hours.

2. Apply Sticky Tape to the back of an embellishment and position it on the front tip of each shoe. Press firmly to secure the bond. Do not wear the shoes for 12 hours.