Friday, July 31, 2009

Glitter Buttons by Emily M Miller

I am a sun goddess, always have been and always will be. So when I signed up to join a cooperative chunky book swap with the theme “Immortal Longings” I knew what my subject would be, the sun. I wish the sun could be up every day from 5am to 9pm. That would be my ideal!

My first thought was on creating the center and I decided to fill a used bottle cap with a mixture of our Silver and Gold Gala Glitz. It looked great!

As you can see I also filled some gold painted, plastic button caps. I had purchased a big bag of cheap buttons and then decided I didn’t like them. When I was just about to get rid of them one fell apart (very cheap) and I discovered I liked the separate pieces! So I tore them all apart and here is my first use of them.

Art Glitter Gala Glitz
Art Glitter Glass Beads
Vintage Glass Glitter, Shards
Vintage Glass Glitter, Fine
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Used Bottle Cap
Button Backs

This is almost too simple to write down! But anyway, fill your bottle cap or button back with a generous amount of glue, spoon in glitter/bead mixture of your choice and tap into glue with the back of your spoon. Dump out excess and let dry.

Make several so you have them at a moments notice for cards, collages etc. These also would be ideal for flower centers or what ever your heart desires!

Here’s a couple of the “Sun Goddess” pages. I made 31 one of them and each one is slightly different. Almost hated to give them up!

This is “Swirling Suns”. A fabric, fantasy film and glitter collage I did with the filled button backs, they're perfect.

I'm so happy I found a use for these button backs!

Emily M. Miller
No blog yet, but soon! I'll go into more detail with the two collage projects shown above. Sparkle On!

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