Thursday, September 17, 2009

Distressed, Leafed Candle by Nancy Ward

Here's a beautiful distressed candle sent in from Nancy. Great for Christmas or any day!

Art Glitter™ Gold Metal Leaf sheets
Pillar candle, brown
Sulky® KK 2000™ Spray Adhesive
Clearsnap® Ancient Page®, Chocolate
Acrylic brush: scrubber, #12
Wax paper
Cooking parchment paper
Alcohol swab or rubbing alcohol and cotton ball
Cover from box (at least 6 x 6”)
Small plastic bag
Small piece of cloth

Optional: Art Glitter™ Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive
Art Glitter™ Elements™ Earth Textures, Morocco

Aleene’s ® Spray Acrylic Sealer, Glossy Luster
4 x 4 chipboard coaster

1. Wipe off all areas of the candle with the alcohol swab; allow to dry. Line the box top with a piece of cooking parchment paper.
2. Spray an even coating of KK 2000™ adhesive over the sides of the candle. Place the candle on the parchment paper in the box cover. Pick up one sheet of the leaf and place it on the adhesive; continue placing sheets over the adhesive until all areas of the candle are covered with leaf. Do not be concerned if some areas have two or more layers of leaf.
3. With the candle still in the box cover, brush over all areas of leaf with the scrubber brush. Excess leaf will fall onto the parchment paper.
4. Remove the candle from the box. Place leaf on the parchment paper into a plastic bag for future use.
5. Ink the tip of the brush with the Ancient Page® Chocolate. Tap and drag the inked brush over the leaf; in some areas, use enough pressure to remove the leaf from the candle. Lightly pat the ink pad over areas of the candle to increase the distressed appearance; remove excess ink with a soft cloth.
6. Using a folded piece of wax paper, rub briskly over the leaf to burnish the leaf to the adhesive.

NOTE: The leaf will tarnish over time; spraying acrylic sealer over the leaf to prevent it from tarnishing is optional.

1. Place the candle in the center of the coaster and trace around the base of the candle. Remove the candle.
2. Spread a thick coat of Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive on the coaster up to the line traced around the base of the candle; sprinkle a heavy layer of Elements™ Earth Textures Morocco over the adhesive.
3. Spread a thin coat of Elements™ Earth Textures Adhesive on the coaster in the area within the traced line; sprinkle a light layer of Elements™ Earth Textures over the adhesive.
4. Allow the adhesive to dry over night. Gently tap the side of the coaster over parchment paper to remove excess Elements™ Earth Textures; return excess Textures to the jar.
5. Spray the coaster with a thin, even coat of acrylic sealer; allow to dry.

Nancy Ward


  1. Very cool! Your candle is gorgeous all dressed up in gold :)

  2. What a great project! Very luxurious.