Monday, September 21, 2009

Glitzy Pendant and Broach by Violette Clark

I often like to create art to give to my girlfriends as little tokens of friendship! My friends look forward to receiving these tiny treasures. This pendant and broach can also be made into ornaments to hang on a tree or you can attach magnets to the backs to adorn your fridge. The larger laminate samples are the perfect size to use as a luggage tag. Simply personalize the other side with your name and address and coat it with Diamond glaze.

Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Sticky strips
Ultrafine Opaque glitter #263 Bright Gold
Microfine Transparent glitter #740 Raspberry
Microfine Transparent glitter #710 Iris

laminate samples
thin piece of wood
collage images or use your own images miniaturized
doily, fragment of book page, decorative paper
Text – handwritten or computer generated
black acrylic paint
sequins, gems
broach back
copper wire
Diamond Glaze
Strong glue

Paint laminate sample and wood substrate black (front and back) with acrylics.
I used my own images of faces and illustration of Ganesh (shrunk down) however you can use collage images for this project.

Broach – collage fragments of book pages, torn doily, painted paper, text and tiny heart onto wood substrate using designer dries clear adhesive. Collage face on top. Adhere gem with Diamond glaze. Apply a coat of diamond glaze to broach. When it's completely dry add a strip of Sticky Strips to bottom of broach, peel off pink strip. Sprinkle Raspberry Transparent Microfine glitter over strip. Pour excess back into container. Apply a bead of Designer Dries Clear adhesive around the face and then pour Bright Gold Ultrafine Opaque glitter over it. Adhere a broach back with strong glue when piece is completely dry.

Pendant – collage book fragments, decorative paper, text and doily fragment onto laminate sample using Designer Dries Clear adhesive. Collage image on top (I used Ganesh). Glue sequins and stars down as well. Coat entire piece of Diamond Glaze. Run a bead of Designer Dries Clear adhesive around the edge of the laminate sample. Sprinkle Iris Transparent Microfine glitter on top. Let piece dry. Run a piece of copper wire (about 8 inches long) through hole in laminate sample. Make a loop and twist wire around the loop. Thread on a few beads. Make another loop in the same way and thread on a chord. If you like you can add a ribbon – tie it in a bow.


  1. Great idea and project! I like the stamps and bright colors you've used :)
    Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Violette does it again!
    Her juicy art is inspiring...
    "Journal Bliss", her idea-packed book, is awesome, too!

  3. Awesome! Love Violette!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks everyone for posting on this project....i hope you like the next one....should be up today or tomorrow!

    Love, Violette