Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art Glitter On White House Christmas Tree!

Art Glitter was proud to collaborate with the Arizona State Parks efforts in creating dazzling ornaments for the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009 Program. This is the first year that Arizona was given the honor to provide The White House Christmas Tree. School children from around the state had the privilege of making 4,000 ornaments for this special 65-foot pine tree from the Apache Junction Sitgreaves National Forest.

Above is a cluster of yucca seed pods that look like a star!

Karen Farias, Education Program Planner for Arizona State Parks contacted Art Glitter with a proposal for sparkling ornaments made from mesquite and yucca seed pods, Arizona Cypress tree seed cones and Locust tree seed pods filled with dried berries, flowers, seeds and Art Glitter colors. “We were delighted to supply all the glitter and glue they needed,” says Barbara Trombley, president of Art Institute Glitter, Inc., based in Cottonwood, Ariz. “It’s a joy to be a part of such a historical event.”

These are mesquite seed pods with Crystal Art Glitter on them. Don't they look like icicles?

This seed pod is full of dried flowers, seeds, berries and Art Glitter of course!

More icicles from native Arizona plants.

Ms. Farias traveled with Art Glitter supplies to several workshops across the state. “Your (Art Glitter’s) partnership was very important to the project because your glitter made the natural beauty of the seeds and pods shine through. The students felt very special to be selected to take part in the project and I am sure that our ornaments will be one of the favorites groupings sent to Washington. The experience has left everyone who participated sparkling all over.”


  1. This is so exciting, How exciting! Hooray for Arizona and Art Glitter!
    Magic and Joy,

  2. Beautiful, and I love that Arizona plants were featured. I've posted a link to this article on my blog!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Beryl, I am definitely 'stealing' this idea for my ornaments this year!

  4. WOW! Amazing and beautiful! I'd love to make some ornaments like these for the tree...I better start collecting now before the snow starts to fly!