Thursday, October 8, 2009

“A Pink Halloween” Glass Fairy Wand by Lisa Kettell

-Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (for fine glitter)
-Art Glitter: Ultrafine Transparent Glitter #56 Pumpkin (for fairy crown)

-Art Glitter: Ultrafine Transparent Glitter #87 Hot Kiss (for outside cat topper)
-Art Glitter: Ultrafine Opaque Glitter # 245 Night Lights (for clay pink pumpkin)
-Large clear glass bulb ornament
-3/4 inch thick wooden dowel, cut to 12 inches
-Vintage image
-Sturdy cardstock, white
-Metallic cardstock, pink
-Orange crepe paper
-Small doll head, small enough to fit through ornament hole
-Model magic clay
-Silver embroidery floss
-Tinsel chenille stem
-Dresden lettering
-Acrylic paints: white, bright pink, black, orange and aqua
-Glue: Hot glue and hot glue stick, liquid nails, glue stick
-Tools: scissors, stylus or cooking stick

1. Locate a doll or storybook image, shrink to fit inside your glass bulb, cut and attach to sturdy cardstock w/glue stick, and re-cut again. This step provides durability for your image.
2. Next glue a flat back doll head to the face of your cut image, attach w/hot glue, let set. Now create a basic crown for your doll, using cardstock, cut out, attach to doll head w/hot glue, let set, now coat with clear adhesive and sprinkle w/ pumpkin glitter.
3. Now Dress your doll w/crepe paper, tinsel stem and more pumpkin glitter, then add a little banner from card stock cut into small triangle shapes, attach to embroidery ribbon or floral wire and hot glue to doll.
4. Insert the doll into the glass ornament by slightly rolling the doll, once in, hot glue the doll’s feet to the bulbs hole rim, let set. Now using a stylus insert into the bulb hole and push open the paper doll and set into place.

5. Place wooden dowel into the bulb opening, seal in place w/ liquid nails, let set 3-4hours depending on your climate location. Then roll a ball type shape attaching around the bulb base and the dowel using model magic, let dry overnight, before painting.
6. Now roll a second ball shape from model magic and two triangle shapes, attach the triangle shapes to each end of the ball, to form a cat shape, let dry overnight, before painting.
7. When clay is set, paint it bright pink, let dry, then draw a face onto the cat shape using a ball point pen, glue to top of bulb using clear adhesive, let dry an hour. Now coat entire painted cat with clear adhesive and sprinkle with hot kiss glitter, let dry.
8. Coat the clay base w/clear adhesive and sprinkle with night light glitter and let dry.
9. Embellish wand with trim, Dresden lettering, and more glitter. Add a metallic pink cone hat to the top of the glittered cat, and paint dowel white.

-Make a tiny fairy wand for inside your glass bulb using a small star paper punch, white floral wire for stem and Art Glitter: Ultrafine Transparent Glitter #110 Taupe.

-If you can’t locate a tiny doll head, use the regular doll image and coat w/clear ultra thick embossing powder and heat for a glass like finish.

-Try making a pumpkin shape for top of the bulb, or make a clay shape doll instead of a paper doll.

-Glitter the entire wooden dowel or the back side of the glass bulb.


  1. Lisa this is just darling. Thank you!
    Any little girl and maybe a few big girls would just love to have one of these!
    So cute!!!

  2. Thanks so very much Marie, sending some magic and joy your way, oh and perhaps a twinkle of fairy dust!

  3. Lisa..Love your project! The doll head must be super tiny!

  4. You are so talented...
    Beautiful blog.
    love and light