Friday, October 23, 2009

Prim Glitter Illustration by Lisa Kettell

Art Glitter: Designer Dries Clear Adhesive (for fine glitter)
Art Glitter: Fine Vintage Glass #613 Diamond Dust
Art Glitter: Shard Vintage Glass #901 Krystallos
8 inch by 10 inch masonite board, wood or canvas
Vintage piano paper, lettered paper or scrapbook paper
Acrylic paints, variety of colors
Glue: Mod Podge and sepia collage medium
Pencil: mechanical pencil, charcol pencil, and black gel pen
Tools: rolling pin, scissors, paintbrushes, water cup

1. Measure 8 inch by 10 inch onto piano or scrapbook paper, cut, set aside. Use a paintbrush to coat the masonite board with mod podge, attach the cut piano paper or scrapbook paper onto the coated board, smooth using a rolling pin or place a stack of books onto it for 15 minutes.

2. After paper as set to the board, begin drawing your illustration onto the board. If you aren’t a good free hand illustrator, trace an old image onto the board using transfer paper.
Re-line your pencil lines with a charcoal pencil.

3. Color within the lines using acrylic paints, fill in face details with a black gel pen, let paints dry.

4. Mix the two glitters together, set aside. Now paint the outside of the illustration with the sepia collage medium, while still wet, coat with the mixed glitter, let dry. Now coat the rest of the illustration with the sepia collage medium, rub in with soft cloth or fingers, let dry.

5. Add any extra details with more sepia collage medium and glitters.

-If you can’t locate a sepia collage medium, mix some antique brown paint into regular mod podge instead.

-Try various glass glitters and shards for the background, example try pink for the background glitter or aqua.

-If you don’t have transfer paper, try any one of your fave transfer techniques to get the illustration of your choice to the masonite board.

-Recycle an office clip board by taking off the clip and using the board itself as your base.


  1. This look wonderful on the blog, thank you,
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  2. Any questions, just let me know, I'd be happy to answer them!
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