Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine Kisses by Brenda Wampler

These are very similar to the project that I presented in December. Apply a rub-on to a microscope slide. Cover rub-on with another glass slide. Use continuous glue line around the edges, or a double stick tape. You can also just use a glue that will adhere to glass around the edges. Dip the edges into the shards. Pressing and working the shards into the glue or glue lines or tape, which ever you chose to use. If using glue, once you have applied the shards, set aside to dry. I used the Vintage Glass Glitter Shards Carnelian #906 for these. After dry, you can wrap wire and hang these, or use ribbons on each edge to hang or attach to a card. I love to just put several of these on a small white place and admire the shine and the transparency of the pieces. Now, go make something awesome!


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