Friday, January 29, 2010

Heart Boxes to Die For! by Debrey Taylor

Inexpensive heart boxes decorated to the hilt! They almost look velvety and although fabric is used, where there is none it looks like fabric!

Chipboard Heart Box (found at Target or Wal-Mart)
Ultrafine Opaque Art Glitter
Ultrafine Transparent Art Glitter
Art Glitter Glass Beads: Large and Small
Designer Dries Clear Adhesive with Metal Tip attached
Sticky Paper
Polyester Lace Swatch
Fabric Scraps
Paper Scraps
Gold Paint
Paint Brush
Heart Stencil

Paint whole box including lid, inside and out, while drying make some glitter lace paper. Directions for glitter lace paper here.
Cut out a liner for the inside of the lid and the bottom inside of the box out of paper scraps and/or fabric. Glue in place.
Draw heart shape with template onto back of glitter lace paper, cut out. Glue to top of lid. Rip small pieces of scrap paper and glitter lace paper to decorate sides of box. Glue down; make sure to leave open areas for your gold paint to show through.
Leave glitter and beads off the area that the lid fits over. Embellish the rest with glitter and beads as desired!

The swirls really look luscious!

This one is filled with Pee Wee vials, so cute!

More for you to enjoy with stamped Fantasy Film bugs. Directions here.

These have glass glitter on them too!


  1. Beautiful heart boxes! Love the vintage look of these beauties :)