Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carding with Fantasy Fiber by Anam Stubbington

I adore the Art Glitter Fantasy Fibers – they have that translucent shimmer quality – like mermaids in the sea. And they can do anything!!

Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber: Cotton Cloud
Art Glitter Fantasy Fiber: Cameo Rose
Rubber Stamps & Permanent Ink Pad
Household Iron & Parchment or brown paper. Make sure your paper is bigger than the stamp as the fibers will melt to your iron.
Card blanks (mine have been embossed with cuttlebug folder dies)

(note if you use acrylic stamps, be very very careful as they have a tendency to either melt or get soft under the iron)

The basic instructions on the pack work wonders: ink up your stamp, add the fibers on top of the stamps. Then a piece of brown paper and then iron for a few seconds.

I don’t like to iron the fibers completely flat at the edges so i can pull off any loose fibers and give it a feathered look.



  1. Really nice clear stamped images Anam. I can envision glitter or dark beads on your embossed cardstock. Yummy!

  2. These just look so sweet. I have some Fantasy Fiber I bought a few years ago. I've never tried this with it, will give it a go.

    Elaine Allen

  3. I love the fantasy fiber! I have used it on some of my projects. It's nice to see some sample work using it. Thanks!

  4. Love this technique Emm used on Art Glitter Christmas cards..it's got such a great look and the stamp leaves a deep debossed impression...I tried it once and my stampd didin't leave the deep impression that your and Emm's did. Any suggestions would be appreciated because I LOVE THIS LOOK!

  5. Hi Jan! My best suggestion is to use an open, airy design for a stamp. And use just enough fiber to fill in, just like Anam's examples. Good luck!

  6. Cute, cute, cute! I love this project!

  7. I love the look the fibers give the cards. I will have to place an order and try this. Thanks for sharing the idea.