Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the love of coffee by Shelly Hein-Simmons

Lately I have been obsessed with making “coffee cozies”. You know those little corrugated bits of cardboard to wrap around your paper cup of coffee so you don’t burn your hand? I have been turning out little personalized felt versions.

And frankly, isn’t everything just a bit better when you add a little glitter?

Since we are closing in on Valentine’s Day, I created this little cozy for my niece in shades of pink and white with a dash of red glitter hearts!

This project is so easy and fast, you will be able to recreate this item in less than 30 minutes. This reusable cozy is also a very “green” item – just another small way you can reduce the amount of trash that is produced in our world!

Disposable cardboard coffee cup cozy from your fave coffee shop or convenience store to use as a pattern.
Art Institute Glitter in the color of your choice (I used #291 Fire Engine from the Noel Pee Wee Kit)
Felt (2 or 3 colors and at least 3 pieces – felt is sold in most big box craft stores in 8 X 10 sheets for around .30 cents per piece)
Embroidery Floss
Fabric Glue
A clear drying adhesive

Scissors or Pinking Shears
Optional: fixative spray from art supply store
Optional: Sewing machine

Layer 3 pieces of felt; I used a white/pink/white combination. Pin your cardboard sample on top of the layered felt to use as a pattern and cut out with scissors or pinking shears for a decorative edge.
Using a ¼” (approximately) seam allowance; sew around complete outer edge of your layered, cut-out shape with a contrasting thread color. You may machine sew, or hand sew with embroidery floss.
Cut your Velcro into a thin strip, glue to outer edge of each end of cozy on opposite sides using good, strong fabric glue.
To embellish your cozy, free-hand cut hearts, lips, stars, circles, letters, etc. from a coordinating piece of felt (I used red to cut out funky hearts).
Pour a small amount of Art Institute Glitter onto a paper plate or into a glitter tray. Cover the front of your felt cut-outs with clear drying glue and then dip these pieces into your Art Institute Glitter and let dry. Also consider embellishing with buttons dipped in glitter!
(Optional) Spray your glittered felt shapes with a spray fixative.
Attach your glittered embellishments with either fabric glue, or hand stitch with embroidery floss.

Be prepared to be asked where you got your coffee cozy!



  1. Great craft Shelly, and it is easy. I may have to take up drinking coffee!