Thursday, March 4, 2010

‘Once Upon A Time’ Accordion Album by Cheryl Waters

I am so thrilled to be here to share a little about my love for Art Glitter. Since the first time I tried Art Glitter ‘Designer Dries Clear’ adhesive and Vintage Glass Glitter, I was hooked. I love that glitter can add a touch of elegance, sparkle and shine to any project. I also love that ‘Designer Dries Clear’ adhesive with their Ultrafine Metal Glue tip gives me the opportunity to add glitter to fine lines and unique places. I wanted to share with you some ways that I used Art Glitter in this project I did of my daughter titled ‘Once Upon A Time’ . . . . My daughter is quite the princess. I wanted to display these special photos of her prominently on our mantle so I made an accordion album. These were taken during an ‘every day moment’. As a little girl she loved to dress up and dance. So I wanted capture these photos and create a fairy tale type of feel. No better way than adding some glitter.

With the Ultrafine Metal Glue tip you can precision with ease. Sometimes you desire precision and fine lines and other times you might want to portray a playful element with a thicker application of adhesive. I use Designer Dries Clear to adhere almost anything, metal, canvas, fabric, rhinestones . . . you name it.

I love to add detail and glitter. Here I used the Fiskars Sunburst border punch. I then added just a touch of Amethyst Ultrafine Transparent Glitter to give it some shine. Amethyst comes in the Reggae color combination. I love the vibrant color combination of this set. So with the transparent glitter it leaves glitter with a hue. It’s fine glitter but it’s also ‘transparent’ and while clear, it has a hue of luscious pink.

I love adding glitter to surprising places even places like key holes.

While I’ve always been a lover of all things Art Glitter, I hadn’t tried until recently the Ultrafine Metal tip and I love what it can do. So I encourage you if you haven’t given it a whirl or ‘swirl’ I encourage you to do so. So add a little glitter and sparkle to your precious projects. Until next time . . . shine on!



  1. Some wonderful ideas there...thank's for sharing them, and also the lovely pic's of your Daughter, beautiful photo's...


  2. Love it, can't wait to take my class next Saturday.

  3. So fun Cheryl! Good idea to put glitter in the key hole too!

  4. Very pretty...I just used my designer adhesive and glitter today :)

  5. WOW, I love this project..gorgeous! :)

  6. You have some great ideas and layouts!