Monday, March 15, 2010

Glue Pad/Glitter Stamping Technique by Emily M. Miller

Hi all. I wanted to share with you a technique I learned from It is a glue pad/glitter stamping technique that works beautifully! If you happened to read an older blog of ours about glue, glitter and glue stamp pads you will know that I’m not real fond of the glue stamp pads because I can still rub the glitter off. But this technique keeps the glitter on!

Very simple, stamp your image with a glue stamp pad, I used The Essential Glue Pad by Tsukineko, onto cardstock. If your glue pad is a little dry, re-glue it or else nothin’ will get the glitter to stay! Then you can spoon your glitter on in sections, changing colors as you go. Cover the whole image with a clear embossing powder, tap excess off into a separate tray (save glitter/embossing powder for future uses of this technique) and emboss with a heat tool. I’ve tried it with all of our regular glitter and it works wonderfully!

This example is made with our Fine Vintage Glass Glitter. The tutorial from blockheadstamps uses this for the Shards too. I was not happy with the Shards however, it came off too easily for me. I cut my egg shape out after glittering and embossing then placed it into the middle of Art Glitter's Sticky Paper, glittered and embossed again using the saved embossing powder. I tried it with Art Glitter's Sticky Tape too. All successes! (You don't have to use the embossing power with the sticky paper and tape if you don't want to, but while you have it out...) The I added some glitter dots to frame it. Done! Fun!

BTW the stamp is from Holly Berry House Originals. Enjoy.


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