Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eye Catching Titles by Cheryl Waters

So often we want to make sure we get across the theme of a layout and this is why our title is so important. I love the way that glitter allows you to create a title that really pops and provides luscious color.

In the layout below . . . titled ‘Focus’ I simply brushed on Art Glitter Adhesive Dries Clear to the foam letters.

I then poured the newest line of Art Glitter . . . Dazzlers . . . I used Ariel. Then I brushed off the excess. I loved the way it turned out . . . the color and texture of the Art Glitter really draws your eye to the title (just what I was aiming for).

I also used Siren colored Dazzlers to provide a little color in and around the layout. So need a title that really stands out . . . Add Art Glitter to your title! Shout it out with dazzle and color!

1 comment:

  1. The new Dazzler glitter looks so sparkly and pretty. Thanks for sharing!