Monday, May 3, 2010

Glittery Can Tab Gal by Laura Fraedrich

I have been using a lot of recycled materials in my artwork lately and found that nothing works better to shine up something old or used like glitter does. The following project does just that! All you have to do is start stealing all of your friend’s can tabs and you too can make this beautiful Glittery Can Tab Gal.

Materials needed:
1 stretched canvas (this one was 16x20 inches but you can use whatever size you want)
Modeling paste
Sand paper (optional)
Assorted acrylic, fabric (in a squeeze bottle) and/or Lumiere paints
Can tabs
2 doilies (I got mine at the dollar store)
Plastic cup with water
Muslin fabric (1/4 yard will do)
Extra fine black Sharpie and assorted colors of ink markers
Matte gel medium
Weldbond glue
Large eye needle and funky yarn (optional)
Art Glitter Ultrafine Glitter
Art Glitter Clear Glass Beads
Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Coat canvas with modeling paste and let dry. Applying it roughly will add texture to your final piece. When satisfied with your application, let dry completely. Sand texture down if desired.
Apply acrylic paints over the modeling paste in the colors and designs you choose. I applied a layer of Lumiere paints over the acrylic in certain areas (above her wings) to add extra sparkle. Let dry.

Meanwhile, you can start designing your ‘gal’. For the skirt, cut out a skirt shape that is appropriate for your canvas size out of the muslin. Using the needle and yarn, sew the can tabs onto the muslin like they are in the picture. There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as you attach both sides of the can tab hole to the fabric so they lay flat and you overlap the rows slightly. Alternate Method: if you aren’t much of a hand sewer, you can simply attach the can tabs with glue directly to the canvas. I would recommend using a strong adhesive such as Weldbond for this so that the tabs don’t come off.

Cut out head and shirt shapes from the muslin. Use an extra fine tip sharpie to draw the face and color the features in with ink markers. Paint the shirt with the acrylic and/or Lumiere paints of your choice.

Adhere the skirt, face, and shirt using matte gel medium. Use a paintbrush to apply an even coat of medium on the areas on the canvas where you want to attach the fabric pieces. Lay the pieces over the medium and press down lightly.

Add a small amount of acrylic paint to your plastic cup and water. Stir so it dissolves into a dye. Submerge your doilies into the dye and let dry. Cut them into wing shapes similar to the picture and adhere with gel medium. Let dry.

Embellish your ‘gal’ with feathers, fabric paint (used here for the hair) and glitter! I used clear Glass Beads and Ultrafine Opaque Purple Shadow for her sleeves and Vintage Glass Glitter in Thistle for the rest of her shirt.

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