Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantasy Film Pendants by Lori Mendenhall

I love the way colors and light play when using Fantasy Film. The effect is magnified under resin. I love combining materials to create sparkling dynamic pieces. Crinkled Fantasy Film is one of the best things I have found to simulate dichroic glass. I embed the Fantasy Film under resin and it looks very authentic – except much less expensive, lighter, easier, and accessible.

The piece above is reminiscent of a geode, with it’s organic design on one side and crystal sparkle on the other. I made this polymer clay pendant using a technique I invented to make polymer clay bezels. In this design, I left half of the pendant hollowed-out ready for filling. I crumpled up Fantasy Film and layered it in. It was then covered with resin. The finished pendant was strung with black and smokey grey glass and crystals with silver accents. I wish the picture would do justice to the sparkle.

Another way I like to use Fantasy Film in pendants is as a layered component.

In this piece I use a shell as my canvas. There is a cutout circle of fused Fantasy Film underneath the polymer clay hearts. This circle acts as an accent giving a more dramatic look to the pendant. Then I cut up tiny pieces of Fantasy Film and sprinkled them around. The whole thing is covered in resin. The pendant is strung on 4mm AB crystals. Very unique and sparkly!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous pendants! I love how you used the fantasy film to make it look like dichroic glass. It really does look like it. And your heart pendant is very pretty.