Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Happiness Sign by Cassandra Midkiff

One of my favorite pieces to create are these altered signs with inspiring words on them. For this project I decided to go with "sweet, happiness." I found these chipboard words at Michaels in the dollar bin and knew I had to work them into some of my projects.

Materials used:
Art Glitter Ultrafine Transparent Colors: #166 Atlantis, #100 Sea Shell, #288 Deep Blue Sea, #219 Lilypad, #215 Wild Rose
Art Glitter Ultrafine Opaque Colors: #113 Sky, #28 Twilight
Art Glitter Shards Vintage Glass Glitter: #922 Swan Lake
Art Glitter Faux Snow
Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear Adhesive
Brown ink pad
Chipboard word "happiness"
Forget me not flowers and scrapbook flowers
Dresden Trim
Jewelry embellishments
Elmer's craft boards that measure: 7" by 2 3/4"
Scrapbook paper

I always start by gluing my scrapbook paper to the board and aging the edges with my brown ink pad. Next I drill my holes where I want to place my wire for hanging. I put down a layer of the Designer Dries Clear Adhesive as wide as my chipboard word and then sprinkled the Faux Snow on top. I love layering I think it creates a lot of dimension to each piece. After the Faux Snow is dry I glue down the chipboard word. Because all of the lettering in happiness is different it gave me the idea to use a different color glitter on each letter. To do this I simply added my Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to each individual letter and added my glitter. It took a little time but I think the result is worth is!

After happiness was completly dry I added a few spots of #215 Wild Rose glitter surrounding it. Then I layered three scrapbook paper flowers to create a big beautiful flower. For each layer of the flower I added some glitter then glued it together with my Designer Dries Clear Adhesive. I also love to use the Dresden foil trim in my pieces (you can find this in several shops on etsy) and jewelry findings. I attached my wire to the holes I drilled, I like to play with the wire adding embelishments to it such as my forget me nots and plastic flower findings.

Finally you have a beautiful piece to hang up and enjoy. These are quite popular in my etsy shop


  1. Really fun Cassandra! I love how the letters are clipped off the ends and I especially love how small 'sweet' is!