Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glittery Kraft Paper Hearts by Christine Lehto

I love Valentine’s decorations. The other week I went Googling for some Valentine craft projects and I found a lot of fun projects, probably more than I can handle for one Valentine’s holiday in a year. One of the cute ideas that I found was a project about making heart decorations from brown paper bags. I found this project at, Happy Chick Junk.

Valentine Heart Decorations

I altered my heart decorations slightly from the idea shown at Happy Chick Junk. To make my heart shapes, I used my Big Shot machine and the Classic Heart die template from Spellbinders. Instead of painting the hearts with acrylic paint, I used one of my favorite mediums, glitter. I used Art Institute Glitter colors #174 Pink Cadillac Ultrafine Pearlescent, Dazzlers #D3 True Love Funky and #189 Pearl Ultrafine Pearlescent. I decided to use Fabri-Tac to bond the hearts together instead of using hot glue. For the heart hanging loops I used some decorative beaded trim.

Paper bag heart decorations

Something about making Valentine hearts and decorations makes me so happy. It was so relaxing and enjoyable sprinkling the hearts with glitter and seeing their joyous Valetiney-ous colors and classic Valentine shapes. I love seeing all the Valentine decorations, etc in stores this time of year too. Maybe it’s partly to do with the bright red and pink colors to brighten up a cold, gloomy middle of the winter day in Wisconsin. What do you enjoy about Valentine’s Day?

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