Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feline Fairy Wings by Kaaren Poole

The concept on this project was interesting, but I must admit that the final product, though great fun to make, is completely impractical. I have nine cats. When I tried to find one to try the wings on, six immediately headed for deep cover. Of the remaining three, Phreddee was willing but too fat – the harness wouldn’t close! I got the harness on Mopsy, but she immediately flattened on the carpet and began crawling backwards at mach speed! Belle tolerated it – but just long enough to get the picture.

Anyway, wings are fun to make and Fantasy Film is a great product for them. And of course wings have far more uses than this. I use them a lot for my little polymer clay fairies and animal fairies. So I think you will find the basic method useful. Here it is.

You will need:
Art Glitter Fantasy Film in Blue Nile (01534)

Art Glitter Dazzlers Movie Stars (D45)
Art Glitter Sea Nymph Dazzlers (D15)

22 gauge black coated craft wire

Alene’s Quik Grab tacky glue
Diamond Glaze

two part epoxy glue

a cat harness

a ¾” button with four holes in a color to coordinate with the harness

scissors, a brush, iron and ironing board, parchment paper, round nose pliers, toothpicks

Cut two 12” lengths of the Blue Nile Fantasy Film. Place one on top of the other and sandwich them between two pieces of parchment paper. With the iron set on low, iron over the parchment paper to fuse the two pieces of Fantasy Film together.

Cut out four wing shapes about 5-6” long and 3” wide. There will be two wing pieces on each side – an upper wing and a lower wing, like a butterfly. Cut two 16” lengths of the craft wire. Thread the two ends of one of the pieces of wire through two adjacent holes in the button, centering the button on the wire. Pull the ends of the wire snug. Repeat with the other piece of wire and the other two holes. You now have four ends of wire protruding from the button. These are the spines of the wings.

With the round nose pliers, coil the ends of the wires, reducing the length of the wires until they fit nicely on the wings. Spread tacky glue on the under sides of the wires and glue them to the wing pieces. Let the glue dry. Cut four more pieces of wire about 8” long and make a coil in one end of each piece, reducing the length of the wire so that it fits nicely onto the wing. Glue one piece on each of the wings with the tack glue and let it dry.

Use the brush to spread a coat of Diamond Glaze on the upper side of the wings. While the glaze is still wet, sprinkle the Sea Nymph Dazzlers and the Movie Stars Dazzlers over the wings. Let the glaze dry then add a second coat of glaze the set the glitter firmly in place. Repeat on the other side of the wings.

Mix up some two part epoxy glue and glue the button to the back strap of the harness. Mix up more glue and apply a generous glob to the upper side of the button to hold the wire ends in place.

Look for a willing cat and hope for the best!

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  1. I love this and I feel your feline pain. It was worth it, though.