Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glam Birdhouse by Shannon Bielke

My Glam Birdhouse is is actually a green bird-house. Yes, green in color, or colors, as the case may be, but that goes without saying. Green, also in that it's made mostly of recycled products.

Could you tell? The decorative papers are scraps leftover from a 2 page scrapbook layout, the foundation is an old mailing box measured, cut, and glued together, and the ribbons are just bits of scraps.

The glitter, and rightly so, is the only thing not recycled! Don't you think it prettied up my project quite nicely?

This glam birdhouse is a perfect example of 'less is more'. I know, we've all heard that many times before, and in this case without any conscious decision I used very little glitter in comparison to other projects.

However, the amount I did use enhanced my project beautifully! The original plan was to enhance the whole project with lots of glitter both transparent and opaque, but I ended up using very little ultra-fine glitter, and I only used 3 colors. 6 months ago I wouldn't have considered glitter at all, but I'm learning my lessons and loving them! Glitter works so well in so many different circumstances! For me, the glitter was just one of the several patchwork pieces of the birdhouse that worked together to make the whole thing work. And yes, I will put a protective coating on it and hang it outside. Hopefully my birds appreciate glam!

I'm still playing around with what I call; non-glitter glitter; the Elements line of Art Glitter. It really is a beautiful and versatile medium to work with!

Supplies used:
cardboard, paper scraps, ribbons scraps
Art Glitter:
Ultra-fine Transparent:
86 Angel Dust
312 Fresh Green
219 Lily Pad
Ultra-fine Metal Tip
Spoon Man!
Designer Dries Clear

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