Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Gilded Jewelry Box by Diana Gonzalez

So recently I made a fun little item. I had ordered some amber beads on ebay (to make a teething necklace), and decided to turn the box it came in, into a pretty jewelry box, for someone to receive this Christmas (along with jewelry inside, duh).

Sorry for the crud picture. Wow, crud. I haven’t used that word since I was in high school. How about that. Maybe I’m getting old, eh?

Cute, eh? I made this using some acrylic paint, and a typewriter font rubber stamp.

After that, I used some wondrous Fantasy Fiber by Art Institute Glitter. What I did, was spread out some fantasy fiber sandwiched between two layers of parchment paper, and just ironed it.

Then, I just glued it on, with Art Glitter's Designer Dries Clear adhesive, and stamped it again with the typewriter font rubber stamp and some black ink. Then, I found this lovely keyhole trinket (by Tim Holtz) that I also glued on with Designer Dries Clear.

What else?

Food tastes better and worst when you’re pregnant. You’re favorite stuff tastes better, and the bad stuff tastes even worst. But then, I am a foodie. I really am. There’s nothing better than staying home on a cool autumn night, with your family, while you cook and make a nice meal together. It’s so gratifying to know that I make better chocolate cake than most coffee shops in New York City. This of course, makes me wonder who the heck they have working back there. I went to a “cupcake” cafe near my most favoritest pizza places in manhattan, and ordered a red velvet cupcake, which of course, tasted dry, nasty and nothing like a real red velvet cupcake. Sad. So that weekend, I went and made one myself.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I suppose. Keep on crafting! And I do reccomend that Fantasy Fiber, that stuff is so darned cool. You can iron it, stamp it, use your heat gun on it….so cool!

Later, crafty peeps.

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