Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Using Glitter Lace Technique on Fabric by Clare Dempsey

I love the Art Glitter Videos, and one of my favorites is the Glitter Lace Card by Barbara Trombley.  You can find the video here.  This week I set out to see if I could get the same look on fabric.  The look is a bit more subtle, but just as beautiful with Art Glitter!

Here is what you will need to make this card:
Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive
Another Glue that dries tacky such as The Rubber Café or Zig 2 Way glue
Art Glitter Polyester Lace
Art Glitter 343 Chestnut Ultrafine Opaque Glitter
Art Glitter 86 Angel Dust Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
Art Glitter 295 Ensalada Ultrafine Transparent Glitter
Ivory Canvas Fabric
Ivory Calico Fabric
Assorted Ribbons
Metallic cardstock

Cut a piece of canvas at least 1 “ larger than your Art Glitter lace sheet on all sides.  This is more than you will need for your card, but will allow for cutting later.  Press any wrinkles out of your fabric and allow to cool.  Working on top of a sheet of Parchment paper (shiny side up) or a Teflon craft mat, apply your dries tacky glue and smooth over the surface of your ivory canvas fabric.  Here is a photo of the canvas fabric with the dried glue.

You will want good coverage so that the surface for the lace will be flat when glue dries.  Allow to dry overnight.  In the morning,  remove the canvas from the Parchment paper and apply the Art Glitter Lace on top of the glue.  Because these glues dry tacky you will be able to reuse your Art Glitter lace later!  Smooth the lace onto fabric and make sure it is adhering well.  Begin by pouring your darker color first (for this card Chestnut) and tap off the excess.  You will want to see the video for the specifics!  Then remove lace and poor on the Angel Dust glitter.  Highlight the flower centers with the Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive and apply the Ensalada color.  Allow to dry.

Cut the card base with metallic cardstock.  Cut the calico smaller than the card base and pull a few threads on every side to achieve a frayed look.  Glue the calico onto the card base with the Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive.  Glue the glittered lace fabric on top using the Art Glitter Fabric Dries Clear Adhesive also.  Make a banner with a bit of ribbon and your scissors using the same AG Fabric glue.  Tie a box and apply ribbons to the card with Glue dots on the back side of the card.  I love the shabby chic combined with the glamour of the glitter!

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