Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fantasy Film Heart by Lori Mendenhall

We crafters are so fortunate to have a wide variety of gorgeous materials available! The colors, the textures, the shapes give us so many opportunities to create unique and beautiful things. I really love the effects you get with Fantasy Film – use it for a great play of color and texture.

For this project I crumpled up some Art Glitter Fantasy Film in Krista’s Eyes color. Crumpling gives the light lots of surface area to bounce off. I used two layers because I wanted deeper color and more depth.

I used some metal stain to color the inside of the heart pendant blank/bezel.

Then using Art Glitter Designer Dries Clear adhesive I glued down both layers of the Fantasy Film into the blank. I weighted it down while drying to make sure the film stayed in place.

This alone would make a beautiful simple pendant. But I chose to add a few more elements and use the Fantasy Film as the background. This seahorse charm was the absolute perfect one! I further accented with Dazzlers, Borealis #D26 and Dazzlers, Movie Stars #D45 and some wire.

Topping it with resin gives it that professional look while locking everything in.  (I use Easy Cast epoxy). Let cure for 3 days.

Use this technique to create a stunning, and completely unique, pendant which can be used for a necklace, backpack pull, key chain, magnet, or brooch.

Note: I was given product in exchange for this article..

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